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White Palace (1990). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

White Palace (1990) 

White Palace (1990) is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking movie.

A key-phrase in this film is life's purpose.

mature soul

Max is a mature soul. He takes care of his mom, working hard, neat and well organised. Above all, he admires classical music and plays the piano.

He feels that his purpose is to become a teacher, but he doesn't have trust in himself to go for it.

Instead of teaching, he has a prestige job, which allows him to have a gorgeous apartment and a higher-class society's lifestyle.

opportunity for a change

But his life-scenario* provides him with an opportunity for a change.

Hot Nora makes Max's life more diverse by activating his root and sacral chakras.  
Max feels a responsibility for the relationship ( a feature of the mature soul) and tries to fix their social gap, but he is not able to see a problem in himself yet.

Nora faces challenges too. She supposed to become tidy, which was always a problem for her ( a feature of a younger soul). Besides making her apartment clean, she also learns ( education is a positive feature of any developing soul) a piece of new cleaning equipment.

Nora is not only an attractive woman, but she also has COURAGE, which allows her not only to defend herself in the surrounding of Max's friends but also express her own opinion about the world.

Nora sees Max's embarrassment for the relationship with her. Therefore she makes a firm decision to break with Max. So, she quits her job and leaves the city.

spiritual choice

Max gets time to think. This is a significant moment in his life - his Spiritual Choice.

Encouraging by his friends, he evaluates upper society and younger than Nora women.

However, starting a new dating looks pretty heavy "project" for him. He doesn't know for sure if a young and educated lady could provide him with the same energetic balance as "having everything that he needs" Nora.


Furthermore struggling along, Max compares things. He doesn't see any more values in his up class surrounding.

life's purpose

Using inner feelings, Max drops the established well being and clarifies his life's purpose.

Therefore, Max makes a robust mental statement - a relationship with Nora was given to him as a chance to become a teacher.

Although the decision was difficult and risky, this is his Spiritual Choice towards Light.

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