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Kyle XY ( TV series 2006-2009). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

Kyle XY

"Who am I?”

The first key phrase in the Kyle XY ( TV series 2006-2009)  is "Who am I?”

Fifteen-year-old Kyle appears from out of nowhere and asks himself that question: “Who am I?”


Kyle expresses continuous gratitude to his adoptive parents and tries to avoid anything that could hurt them. He is kind to his girlfriend and truly cares about her well-being. Kyle says that "she is perfect".

Unfortunately, Kyle’s attitude toward his parents and friends does not apply to the "normal" teenagers around him.

"Normal" teenagers 

The spoiled girls and boys take for granted everything that has been given to them. They look for entertainment in bad relationships and alcohol.

Cynically moving through their lives, they don't bother with kind words for their significant others. For example, Kyle's brother-in-law comments about his girlfriend, "She stinks of sweat".

In the best-case scenario, a "normal" teenager cares about a sport mostly because it represents a chance for him to become "the best". However, this intention is not based on the idea of developing his personal spiritual strength. Rather, it stems from personal pride—the desire to show off and be better than others. This attitude results in separation from others and, in the long run, creates loneliness and frustration.

Unlike his peers, Kyle, when in a problematic situation, thinks about collective justice and benefits for others rather than for himself.


The second keyword in this series is “ignorance”.

Most of the teens ignorantly squander their large inheritances.

Why inheritance?

Our current existence in the human life form is an investment of thousands, or even millions, of spiritual embodiments.

In our previous lives, we worked very hard for the chance to be embodied in a human body. To be human is a reward, which, in accordance with Hindu beliefs, could also be taken back.

Because of some positive karma that they collected in their previous existences, these teens earned the opportunity to live in an economically advantaged environment. Such surroundings provide greater opportunities for personal growth than do developing countries.


Unfortunately, in the very early stage of Christianity, the concept of reincarnation was cut off and an individual was thrown into the concept of a one-life existence. That has shut down an opportunity for the individual to obtain a deeper understanding of himself*.

As a result, at the current stage, average Westerners seek only a “nice” current life, without looking beyond and seeing the very hard work they have done throughout an uncounted number of incarnations.

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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Molly’s Game (2017). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

Some of us came to Earth for the very last time, for the very last test. Sometimes the mission of these mature souls is to identify their imperfection and solve it. That allows them to make a final exit—to fully liberate themselves from physical reality, without a return to it. 

One such challenger is a young woman called Molly.

Molly expresses herself as a mature soul from a very young age. When her father interviews her, Molly’s answers are smart. She shows herself as an Individual. Her father "works" as a very supportive asset for her mission.

Just as a sick person looks for the cure to his or her disease, Molly is looking to reveal her own weaknesses and flaws. However, Molly doesn’t necessarily recognize that mission herself. As with most of us, her past lives and memories are blocked from her consciousness and she moves blindly through her life script.

As any mature soul does, she also has a high energetic potential, which gives her the ability to identify opportunities when they come to her. When Molly’s boss discriminates against her refusing to pay her what she’s worth, she leaves him to open her own business.

Following her mission and driven by the Law of Evolution, she has a life script that gives her a chance to exercise a high-energy project: gambling.

This project provides Molly with great opportunities to test her inner qualities. She recognises that she feels GREED and her father points out that she has a desire for POWER. The DIAGNOSIS has been made.

Greed and the desire for power are mental pollutions, i.e., sins, over which Molly must prevail on her Path of Evolution.

And her life scenario brings leads her to a "game-changer" situation.

As a mature soul, Molly has respect for LAW and legality, so she tries to make her business as "clean" as possible. Still, she ends up in court and is pushed to leave the world of gambling.

Now, when she has a diagnosis as well as time for herself, it's the perfect moment to take care of her imperfections and fully focus on self-improvement. 

This is an excellent movie!

Extra Note: 
This story is a perfect example of how life can be limited to an almost "no-choice" scenario when a spiritual entity is so close to Exit—i.e., liberation from physical reality forever.

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