Sunday, June 26, 2022

Why War? Summary /C

Beauty will save the world.

  Fyodor Dostoevsky


Female beauty has always been a source of inspiration for poets, and the insane feats of knights competing for the beauty's heart. But women are not only a source of love, but also of a higher level of consciousness.

A. Mucha

Involve Women in Decision Making

Women's consciousness is on average higher than men's. The higher the consciousness, the greater the vision and hence the fewer mistakes and less suffering.

Therefore, women should be involved in decision-making in any sphere of life much more widely than is done.

Improve Women' Rights

Restrictions on women's rights should be avoided. 
This should include the right to have an abortion, as a woman has the right to decide if she wants to turn an embryo* into a baby or not.

It is necessary to improve working and rest conditions for working mothers. Governments should stimulate the birth rate in "soft" ways, for example:

A. Reduce women's working hours from 8 to 7 hours by ensuring equal pay, starting at least with women with two children.

B. Increase paid leave for women with children

C. Improve conditions for children in school, such as free hot meals, as well as an after-school model if both parents work.

*Note: An embryo is not a spiritual being, as it does not have a soul. The incarnation of the soul occurs at the time of the physical birth of the baby.

'Planet' at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Maybe high-end entrepreneurs can show their Courage to start this innovation? 
You can do it! 💪

To increase the value of Art and Artists 

At present, the value of wealth exceeds the value of Creativity ( Art), which is the main Value of the Higher Consciousness. 

For example, in the UK, property owners do not bother to personally go to the artists who come with their work, but disrespectfully send their servants  to them (!). Imagine how Satan, the general director of Darkness, at this moment enjoys the triumph - how low are the Values of God in the World He created!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Financial support for Artists

In other Western countries*, public and private artist support funds are so small that they can only provide a grant funding to one in ten applicants. 

Please note that the grant is not given for several years, not for a year, but maybe as small as for a couple of months only. After that, the Artist is once again left to struggle with unpredictability.

* Finland

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Reduce taxation for emerging artists

Whether the Artist has started his own company, is a freelancer, or works part-time to support his own creativity, don't bombard him with all possible payments, including income tax.

ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Raising the value of Artists

Raise the value and visibility of Artists by organizing Art Houses in every major city. 

These Houses should function as creative and crowdsourcing venues where artists can present their work, negotiate contracts and sell their art in physical and digital formats. 

Organizers and membership decision makers should be the successful artists themselves, not the government bureaucracy looking for an easy paycheck.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Why War? Summary / Part B

 The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.

― Albert Einstein

Raise the Value of Independent Thinking

Our main problem is the inability to think. 


Thinking is work, and like any job skill, it needs to be developed.

However, the value of independent philosophy, free media houses, ideas and creativity, even in the most developed countries, is catastrophically low. Conversely, the value of material things increases all the time.

Mass thinking

As a result, we have mass thinking, easily amenable to propaganda.

The big media are attacking tiny independent companies. Looking for flaws, they create unbearable living conditions for them, forcing open-minded competitors to leave the market. And who is behind this, we can only guess.

You can say “no, this is definitely not about my democratic country”, but you have to be honest with yourself - the label “democratic” does not necessarily guarantee 100% transparency and humanity.

Freedom of speech

The worst scenarios are presented in countries with limited human rights, where freedom of speech is persecuted. People there can be fined, imprisoned and even killed for independent thinking.

Greek Philosophers

Thousands of years ago, Greek philosophers wandering their country taught people in live forums and lectures, encouraging the audience to think, ask and answer questions.

You will say: "But now we live in a different time, we have Internet forums where anyone can create a topic." True, but these forums lack philosophical focus and meaning.

Value of philosophy must be raised

We must raise the value of independent philosophy. 


The improvement can be started, for example, with:

  • Public and private grants (or other support) for:
    • Novels, films, TV-series about self-improvement
  • Interactive Q&A on the topic "Who am I?
  • Implementation of Meditation* Practice

*Note:  Meditation is not only a great tool to purify a human mind, but also a powerful tool for treating mental disorders.

Prevention of abuse of political power

Old-fashioned elections

At present, even in the "most" democratic countries, political elections are ineffective, expensive and old-fashioned.

As a rule, only about 50-60% of all voters take part in political elections, guided either by the promises of a particular candidate ( party) or by a general trend.  According to statistics, the majority of voters are 18-year-olds and pensioners, i.е. the  least work active people.

The financing of a political candidate (party) is crucial, because the greater the marketing potential, the more attractive this or that candidate is for voters.

In this model, voters passively choose a program or a representative of the program, which is compiled by someone else, but not by themselves. And the amount of investment in a candidate has a direct impact on the election results.

Using of High-tech

In a truly democratic country, the master plan in the economy, politics, etc. must be determined by the people themselves.

Access to the Internet and widespread use of mobile devices provide ample opportunities for all social groups to participate in the strategic planning of their country. For this purpose, you can use a multiple-choice  questionnaire that does not require much time to complete.

Interactive feedback

To fine-tune the country's strategic movement, it is necessary to establish an interactive feedback  that could also work as a cumulative one.

Limitation of presidential power

To avoid abuse of power, the president of a country should be hired on the basis of a merit list or resume, such as in a business corporation.

To maintain efficiency and prevent political dictatorship, the term of presidential office should be limited to 6-8 years.

The salaries of top politicians should be based on the final result of their work, and not on an advance payment based on the results of the elections. Wages can be equal, for example, to the country's GDP per capita with an annual bonus equal to a certain percentage of GDP growth.

To avoid the temptation of fame and relaxing luxury in the political environment, the parliament buildings should be modest and indistinguishable from other houses around.

The environment should motivate politicians to serve their people, and not weave intrigues, trying by hook or by crook to prolong their stay in the palaces.

Parliament building in Budapest

Support for independent media & philosophers

It's no secret that running a country with copy-paste public opinion is much easier than following the path of enlightened visionaries.

Just a few decades ago in China, Russia, Cambodia, etc. there were "cultural revolutions" with the death of millions of highly educated people.  Ideological murders continue in our time in favor of the ruling dictators...

The primary goal of the dictator is to embrace his own people with his brutalized consciousness, in order to then spread it on a global scale under the leadership of his Owner - Satan.

Summary/ Part C is coming shortly

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Why War? Summary /Part A

What Spiritual Choice do you think Volodymyr  Zelenskyy would have made on February 24 if twenty years ago he would have gone to work as a lawyer for whom he studied?

I think his Spiritual Choice would have been different, our current moment would be different and the future of humanity would have been different. 

Fig.1. Levels of Consciousness: Artist and Lawyer

We must recognize that Creativity is of far greater value than Logic or Analysis, and Artists* have the highest level of consciousness (between 75 and 100 levels).

All other professions (including lawyers) are a reflection of a lower level of consciousness.

CArtist       CLawyer 

*Artists, musicians, healers, spiritual preachers, writers, philosophers, screenwriters, directors, and business idea generators.

Why War? Summary / Part A

  • Our Earth is just one of the countless planets in the materialistic worlds of Our Spiritual Father, the Head of Light*

Universe @

  • The creation of our planet and the people on it is the result of the need for a certain type of daily energies and a certain type of souls
  • The dailies energies come from the thoughts, speech, and doings of humanity, where the highest quality of energy belongs to the "Treasury Fund" of people, i.e. Artists.
  • Since the Artists have the highest level of consciousness, this allows them to have a broader vision of not only the Material Reality, but also the hidden one, i.e. Metaphysical.
  • However, there is a lack of recognition of the Artists’ value, so the Artists suffer from a lack of money and respect. Therefore, instead of developing their own creative projects, they are forced to look for a job with a predictable salary, which means under someone's lower strategic vision.
  • The Head of Light demands of us to have more souls moving towards Light, but the Spiritual Choice of Light is very challenging. This is especially difficult to do in an environment that supports superficial vision, that is, the exaggerated power of money and other values ​​of the material world.
  • As long as we meet the requirements of the CEO of Lights, we will enjoy peace and prosperity. However, when the quality of everyday energies and the quality of souls deteriorate sharply, we get an extreme, i.e. WAR.
  • The Spiritual Choice of a Leader is very important especially in wartime. 
  • At a certain point in history (as for example now) this can lead either to the development of the Values of Light (Choice of Light) or to the failure of the entire project of the planet Earth and humanity on it (Choice of Darkness).

*CEO of Lights = God = Head of lights = Our Spiritual Father

But are there any means to prevent WAR?

YES, indeed!

Our Spiritual Father always provides us chances to prevent a WAR

In the case if the chance is taken we continue a peaceful movement forward, but if we missed the chance for the voluntary improvement we face harsh consequences, where one of those is WAR, i.e. suffering of a big amount of people.

You ask: "And if the war has already begun?"

Our Spiritual Father is always watching over us, and He can stop the war running by Satan at any moment. 

So what needs to be improved? Let's make a list.

List of Improvements

  • Raise the value of Independent Thinking
  • Do not abuse Political Power
  • Improving Women's Rights
  • Raising the value of Art and Artists
  • Financial support for Writers
  • Recognition for Energy Healers
  • Reincarnation concept

We shall go through the List of Improvement in detail in the coming Part B. 

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Why War? Part X

History is not made by leaders, but by their choice.
                                                                   Jacklyn A. Lo

We must recognize that everything begins in the metaphysical realm, where our thoughts are born, turning into intentions and further on into the actions.


We live in a very exciting time when a country (nation) makes its Spiritual Choice towards the Light!

Resistance to Mordor

It is even more amazing to realize that most of the civilized world has come together to help Ukraine confront the real Mordor appeared on our planet Earth. 

We can say that these countries have voluntarily joined the Choice towards the Light!


The main person making decisions on the Spiritual choice of the country is, of course, the Leader of the country. And people (nation) are influencers on his/her choice.

V. Zelensky

Zelensky's strategy during the Russian military buildup was to reassure the Ukrainian population and reassure the international community that Ukraine was not going to retaliate.

Volodymyr Zelensky (44) was born into a highly educated family and has been accustomed to different cultures since childhood. In this regard, it can be assumed that the environment from the very beginning supported his personal development.

Fig.1 Growth of Consciousness of V. Zelensky

High Energy and Consciousness

Paying attention to the fact that Volodimir studied at a school with in-depth leaning of a foreign (English) language and had a vast variety of hobbies, including music, he initially had above average level of energy potential and consciousness.

Degree of Lawyer

Studying at the university and obtaining the qualification of a lawyer allowed him to increase his energy potential and level of consciousness above level 50 ( Fig. 1).

The biggest upgrade in his consciousness, however, came from his Choice of the career as an Artist and successful career in this field* ( consciousness level above 75).

*Showman, artist, comedian, artistic director and leader of the Kvartal-95 society, former member and general producer of the Ukrainian TV channel Inter, screenwriter.

Artists = Treasury Fund

As we learned in the second part of this article, Artists are our "Treasury Fund"capable of giving Humanity the largest number of souls making a Spiritual Choice towards Light.

Choice of Freedom

After the invasion began, Zelensky declared martial law throughout Ukraine and the general mobilization of the armed forces. He himself did not leave the country, although he could have.

So, on February 24, 2022, V. Zelensky chose Freedom, where Freedom is the main Value of Lights.




Confronting the Values of Darkness and their CEO Satan allowed Zelensky to raise his consciousness even higher.





We must understand that Satan is not a kind and nice guy, but the founder of the Values ​​of Darkness, where Slavery is His key value. Therefore Satan is actively looking for new slaves.

Fig. 2 Spiritual choice of V..Zelensky on behalf of Ukraine


Satan is ready to buy off as many slaves as he can and is ready to pay for it with everything he owns in the materialistic world. He skilfully plays on the false pride of those people who are greedy for the values ​​​​of the physical world.


Dictators, addicted to money, power, magic, etc., are a great help to Satan on His path to gaining a higher energy potential. Being result oriented, He keeps them in great tension.

Spiritual Choice to Light

The Spiritual Choice towards Light is very difficult and requires great Spiritual Strength. Therefore, the supporters of the Values ​​of Light must provide all possible help to Ukraine to protect the Choice of Freedom and Peace for the entire planet Earth.

Our Spiritual Father

We must remember that our Spiritual Father, CEO of Lights, DOES NOT WANT WAR.
The War in Ukraine is given only as a last opportunity to set us on the right path (see Why War? Part I).

If Ukraine surrendered to the aggressor?

You ask: "What would happen if Ukraine surrendered to the aggressor?"

The Choice in favor of Slavery of a country of 40 million would increase the imbalance between souls moving towards Darkness and Light. This would lead to the utmost risk of the existence of mankind on our planet as a failed project of the Higher Ones.

Sodom, Gomorrah & Atlantis

We must not forget the terrible end of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah or the death of the haughty high-tech Atlantis.

Our fate is in our hands

We must realize that our Earth is just one of the countless projects of our Spiritual Father.

Mother & Sister Earths

Our planet is a replica of Mother Earth*, which acted 100 years before us. Since the quality of the energies produced on that Earth was far from what the Higher Ones wanted, they allowed the “red button” to be pressed to destroy this planet.

There is another planet that is 30 years behind us. The Higher Ones are correcting the mistakes of our humanity on this young planet. If we destroy ourselves, they will still have a backup.

And the Higher Ones can create as many planets as they want.

Mother, Sister and Our Earths

* Contactees with the Higher L. Strelnikova, L. Seklitova

Part X Conclusions

  • Ukraine has made its Spiritual Choice - towards the Light
  • The civilized world supports the Choice of Ukraine
  • The key reason for this Choice is the Leader - Artist
  • The War in Ukraine is given by purpose
  • The Choice of Slavery, is backed by Satan and his servants
  • The destiny of Our planet and humanity on it is our own hands

The Part "Summary" is coming shortly.