Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Redemption Novel. Excerpt Three


“Well, that was a most enjoyable vacation,” Ann said as she steered her car away from her apartment building. “Though I’m not entirely certain I could call it restful!”
Rob’s face appeared on the screen, smiling broadly. “Quite,” he said. “You sure managed to pack plenty into a couple of days!”
“To be honest, I’m relieved to be returning to work. It’s as though the craziness of the last two days is finally being replaced with some kind of normality.”
That being said, Ann’s sleep had been disturbed once again by one of her usual haunting dreams.
She had hoped her visit to the psychic would have dealt with all that, but she’d had that same vision; the infinite spiral holding her in its grasp as it stretched away through time and space.
The only difference was that, far in the distance, she felt that it connected her with Mi.
“Rob?” she said, as she pulled onto the express tube and switched the car’s systems over to the tube’s SmartDrive server.
“Yes, my lady.”
“Did you find out a lot of information on the… spiritual stuff we were talking about the other day?”
“Of course.”
Ann paused, not sure what she wanted to ask, or at least what she wanted to ask first. “Do you believe in Evolution? Or in the whole Adam and Eve, God made everything in seven days… stuff?”
“I think you’ll find it was six days. And the answer is yes. I believe in them both.”
Ann frowned and, with the car now safely in the control of the SmartDrive, reclined her seat and turned to face Rob’s screen. “Come on! How can you believe both?”
“Because they appear to contradict each other?  It’s quite simple. In fact, many humans do it without thinking.”
“Sure. Take, for example, the fact that most people believe in Free Will, yet at the same time consider themselves to be in some way under the influence of a higher power such as fate or God. You make your own choices, but live out a specific purpose.”
“I guess.” Ann turned her gaze back to the windshield, which was now displaying one of the many “environments” provided by the SmartDrive system. At present, it was set to Ann’s favourite, sunlit waterfalls, which helped her to relax and concentrate. “So,” she continued, “what has your research turned up? What is God’s purpose for us humans?”
“It’s hidden for the blind, my lady. And yet open for those who can see.”
Ann rolled her eyes. “What is that supposed to mean? You sound like a fortune cookie!”
“Firstly,” said Rob, with a slightly mischievous smile, “We’re dealing with secret knowledge here, knowledge which is different for each person and the only way to attain it is to earn it.”
“And secondly?”
“Secondly, a person must at least be interested in such knowledge.”
Ann frowned somewhat defensively. “I am interested!”
“You are now. But this wasn’t always the case, my lady, and this is sadly true for many people. They are too busy to think about the purpose of their existence because they spend all their time focused on earning money, sorting out family problems, fighting with neighbours or any of a thousand other things. Across the city people are sitting in traffic jams; the same is true of their lives. They are too caught up in the worries of their existence to really live!” Rob smiled suddenly. “We, however, seem to be moving quite freely.”
Ann glanced out of the window.  He had a point. Sure the tunnel was pricey, but it was better than being snarled up on the streets with everyone else. Why did freedom always seem to come at a cost? 
“This is fascinating, Rob. I’ve never heard anything like this, not in school or college… not anywhere.”
“That’s because you’ve been too busy, just like everyone else. But now you are on the way not only to discovering your purpose but fulfilling it!”
“But I’m also still pretty busy. So how do I go about all this? Should I go to a church or something?”
Rob raised his eyebrows at the question. “Go to church? My research suggests that such organizations have mostly become infected by the same evil; they’re busy. They focus on quantity rather than quality. They tend not to serve individuals so much as expecting it to work the other way round. But…” He paused.
“But what?”
“But you have already made some progress. You are exploring your truth by yourself.”
“I guess.”
Ann took hold of the wheel again as the waterfalls on the windshield were replaced by the sleek interior of the tunnel. She was approaching her exit.
“But these religious organizations must have something to say about the general purpose of our existence, no?”
“Certainly. And as you’d expect, there are many conflicting points of view, from those who believe humans exist to bring glory to God to those who believe people are nothing more than some cosmic accident, without purpose or meaning.”
Ann thought for a moment as she disconnected from the SmartDrive server and steered the car up the exit ramp towards the street.
“I guess, in a way, that’s what I’ve always assumed. Though when you put it in those terms, it sounds pretty bleak.”
As she emerged from the tunnel and merged with the Chicago traffic, another car nearly drove into the side of her and she beeped the horn crossly.
“Idiot!” she shouted.
“Almost another cosmic accident!” said Rob.
“Quite.” Ann tried to concentrate on what they had been discussing, wishing she still had the calming waterfalls to help. “So what about those who believe in God? What do they say about, what was it? Living for His glory?”
“That depends. Christianity teaches that such a life is based on a relationship with the Creator acknowledging His greatness, giving Him honour by praising and worshipping Him.
Their aim, most of them anyway, is to love God more and so live in a way that makes him look great. That is what they mean by ‘living for his glory’.”
“So, how is that supposed to work?” asked Ann, frowning with a mixture of confusion and frustration.
“And how long does it take to be changed in such a way?”
“It is supposed to work the same as any other relationship; though most do not involve people trying to love someone they can neither see nor touch. The process is said to take the whole of a person’s life.”
“One life?”
“One life,” said Rob with a nod. “Their Holy Bible says, ‘it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this cometh judgment’”.
“Cometh?” Ann laughed. “Why can’t they speak English, like everyone else? So what about people who believe you live more than once?”
“Reincarnation? That is more of an Eastern concept, taught by the Hindus, Buddhists and suchlike.”
“Fine. So what do they teach about the meaning of life? Or rather the meaning of lives?”
“You’ve heard of Nirvana?”
Ann turned the car around the last corner towards the A.I.I. building. “The rock band?”
“Hardly. Those religions that believe a person has many lives teach that the goal of those lives is to achieve Nirvana, ultimate freedom from all that is evil. Becoming one, as it were, with everything, even with God himself.”
“And how does one achieve this Nirvana?”
“By living increasingly pure and disciplined lives dedicated to spiritual pursuits. Each life, you see, is affected by the former lives. They call it karma.”
“I’ve heard of karma,” said Ann, pulling up in her usual space and cutting the engine. “So how many lives does it take? Would two be enough?”
“No one knows,” said Rob as Ann picked up her E-A device from the dash. “The cycle of birth and death has been continuous throughout time, but I suspect Nirvana cannot be achieved with only a couple of lives.”
Ann switched off the device and slipped it into her bag as she headed towards the elevator. And while she travelled up to the Sales and Marketing floor, she wondered to herself just how many other lives she had had.
Were there other past existences she knew nothing about affecting her life here today?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Questions to Ascended Masters

My questions to Ascended Masters on Kim Michael's conference 27-30 of Sep 2018

Kim Michael's conference in Albuquerque, NM, USA

Question 1
Twenty-six hundred years ago, Gautama the Buddha invented a technique called Vipassana Meditation. How relevant is this technique to the modern Western world?

Answer 1 by Gautama the Buddha
A) I didn't invent the technique; it was given to me by the Ascended Masters.
B) For people who have been practising Vipassana Meditation in their previous lives, that might be working well. However, for most Westerners, Vipassana is not the best way. We (Ascended Masters) have provided you with a toolkit containing invocations, degrees, etc. to increase individual as well as a collective consciousness.

Question 2
Gautama the Buddha attracted thousands of followers via his teachings when Jesus attracted only hundreds. Was collective consciousness in India higher than it was in Israel in those days or did other factors affect people?

Answer 2 by Gautama the Buddha:
a) The collective consciousness in the Middle East 2,000 years ago was very low. Israel was the darkest place on the planet.
B) Jesus had his own mission there and attracted a number of disciples who continued his mission.

Question 3
Prior to this conference, I received an offer from an Englishman to become a "channeler" by myself. He explained that he had received a week of training to not only become a "messenger" himself but to give the opportunity to channel to anyone who might be interested. For example, he himself got a connection to the Archangel Michael and he provided a connection to Leonardo da Vinci to a client. 
Any comment on that?

Answer 3 by Saint Germain or Mother Mary:

The number of contactees (channelers) is growing. This has happened due to a need to increase the collective consciousness of the people. However, that does not mean that the “pure” spiritual entities must talk through them. The Archangel Michael or Leonardo da Vinci and the information they provide at this conference are from a "pure" source.
The best teaching currently available for spiritual seekers is the information provided via Kim Michael. 

That does not necessarily mean that the channeler lies to himself or to others because of these entities, i.e., the Archangel Michael or Leonardo da Vinci could exist at the lower realms, such as mental or emotional.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Second extract from the novel Redemption

I'd like to present to you the second extract from my novel Redemption, where AI buddy Rob helps Ann understand the concept of reincarnation and confirm the existence of her past lives.

Ann with Rob in the night Chicago.

“You appear to have missed your turn again, gorgeous.”
Startled out of her daydream, Ann glanced across at her E-A device, sitting in its holder on the dashboard. Rob waved to her from the screen, the background image showing a brutal landscape full of hairy humanoid figures.
“You should’ve taken a right back there,” he added, helpfully, “if you were hoping to get home, that is.”
“Damn it,” said Ann and sighed heavily. “Not again.”
“Sounds like you’ve had an interesting visit, my lady.”
“You heard it all, I suppose?”
“Of course. You didn’t switch me off, remember? Personally, I find the idea of past lives quite fascinating. There has been some excellent research on the subject.”
“Really?” Ann was surprised. “I assumed it was just a load of made-up nonsense to keep people like that so-called psychic in business.”
“Well, according to the resources at my disposal, which as you know are vast, there have been numerous accounts of such experiences. For example, there was a man in the nineteen-eighties, called Philip Trent, who related his experiences of a past life, in the third century BC, when he was one of the pupils of Archimedes.”
“Well, it turned out that his description of the ancient Greek culture and the works of the great polymath were so accurate that only the foremost experts could verify the details, which they did!”
“And was Philip Trent one of the experts himself?” asked Ann, naturally sceptical of such things.
“Not a bit of it,” said Rob, a broad grin spreading across his face. “He was a gas pump operator from Arkansas.”
“Really? So you think there’s something to all this past life, fourth dimension stuff?”
“Sure. But don’t take good old Mister Trent’s word for it. Why not test it out yourself?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, that banner up ahead might be of some interest to you.”
Ann looked up through the windshield and, sure enough, there was a banner stretched across the street. It read, “Chicago Field Museum Feature Exhibition: The Stone Age. Experience the Life of Our Ancestors.”
“I don’t believe it!” said Ann in surprise. “What an amazing coincidence.”
“Coincidence? There are those who would call it fate, my dear. But either way, it’s an opportunity to see if your vision bears any resemblance to the way things really were back then. You don’t seem to have much actual knowledge of pre-historical facts, so if your experience was anything close to what it was really like around that time, you’ll have to admit that there could be some truth to the old woman’s trick. What have you got to lose anyway?”

The author of the Redemption novel,
Jacklyn A. Lo

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Low collective consciousness. "Game of Thrones"

Low collective consciousness on the example of the TV- series "Game of Thrones".

The world described in this series is on a dense planet with a very low collective consciousness. The lifestyle and mindset are close to the Dark Ages in European history on our Earth.

These are several clear signs of low consciousness:

1. The system of values
a. Power and revenge vs. creativeness and art. Most of the people have significant mind pollution; they obsessively pursue revenge or seek to gain power via ownership of land, money or women.

2. The social and economic position of women
a. In general, women have a very low position in society. 
b. They do not use their higher conscious (vs. men) to improve things, as they are either occupied with household work or earning a basic living as servants or entertainers. 

3. Illiteracy and ignorance
a. Most of the people are illiterate.
b. Access to libraries is prohibited for women and children.

4. Low vibrations
a. People eat a lot of meat; some of them eat human flesh.
b. Excessive drinking.
c. Continuous fear.
d. Separation from each other, no goals with a focus on a common good.
e. Duality: “We and them” is the main idea of movement, with "them" being enemies, and war being the only tool for solving any problem.

5. Losing touch with Mother Nature
a. Due to low vibrations, people lose their sense of living nature.
b. People appreciate neither nature nor the spirits which inhabitant it.

6. Dark entities enter the World => White Walkers
a. As a virus becomes active only in a body with low immunity, the Dark entities enter this physical world due to further degradation of the collective conscious.
b. Because of the continuous degradation of the consciousness and distancing from nature, the population of the land collides with true Evil, called the White Walkers.

However, there are sparkles of the highest intangible values. A very few people in this dark world are driven by Courage, Honor, Love, and Justice. That lifts the meaning of existence in that world and provides Hope.