Sunday, April 11, 2021

Why do people believe in God when I can disprove the Bible in the first couple pages?

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Quora sent me a thought-provoking topic a few days ago, "Why do people believe in God when I can disprove the Bible in the first couple pages?"


We must admit that intelligence has never been equal to spirituality. And if you're smart enough, you can approve or disapprove of anything.

This, however, does not mean that you have reached the ultimate truth; for without spirituality it is nothing more than a mental exercise, a waste of time.

In this regard, the parable of the blind and the elephant comes to mind.


Since the blind have never seen an animal, they evaluate it by touch; each for their part.

One of them touches the elephant's tail and says to the others: "the elephant is like a brush," the other one touches its trunk and concludes that the elephant is like a fat snake, etc.

After the assessments, each of the men began to prove that his experience is the real truth, and the other is talking nonsense.


We can compare blindness to low consciousness.

However there is nothing wrong with intelligence, but it is simply not enough to "see the true nature of things." Only a sighted person can see either an elephant or the surrounding world as a whole.

A "sighted person" is a person with higher consciousness. Higher consciousness will help you to better see the picture of the Universe, God, and your place in it.

In other words, to "see" the truth, you need to raise your consciousness.

development of consciousness

The question arises - is it possible to raise consciousness or is it given only to a select few?

Answer: nothing is given for granted, but everything can be earned by persistence and will and my article in 3 Parts tells how: Development of consciousness. 

However, a much larger problem arises when a person expresses his disrespect to God. The "blind" blame God for so many reasons, which further pollutes his mind and causes him serious harm. 


Blasphemy defiles a person's mind and hardens his soul, slowly but steadily drawing him into lower, denser realities.

One of such cases of blasphemy is well described by F. Dostoevsky in his novel The Brothers Karamazov.


Ivan, clever with his eyes and words, publicly expresses his view of the world: "God does not exist!" His atheistic philosophy infects his half-brother Smerdyakov, who, with a much younger soul, “buys” the philosophy and commits a crime.

Thus, Ivan becomes an accomplice in the murder and generates heavy negative karma.


In the modern world, most intellectual atheists are concentrated in science.

One of them is Nathan, a talented biophysicist from Colorado. He does not really deny God, but he hates Him and competes with Him.

Since his mother and beloved wife Melissa believe in God, Nathan has enough chances to turn to Him, but the scientist prefers his own way.

You can find out the details of Nathan's tragic fate and beyond in my art script "The Return of Melissa".


Now an irritated mind might say why God mercilessly punishes those who do not believe in Him or commit sin?

Again, we must understand that the Universal Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma) was formed long before the appearance of our God. That our Creator developed Himself according to this Law and found it useful for the spiritual development of any soul.

Universal Laws

We must also remember that the Law of Karma only works for those who still have a chance to evolute towards the Light, which is a privileged direction compared to the direction towards Darkness.

And finally, we must study other Universal Laws, such as the Law of Evolution, the Law of Change among others, for the further development of our consciousness.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Faith and Resurrection in Film "The Return of Melissa"

The Return of Melissa

We all have our own path to perfection 1

And the biggest challenge on this path is to make the right choice2.

The right choice is always the most challenging one, but at the end of the day, it's protecting our soul from painful suffering, as it's happening in the case of the wrong choice3.

Supported by his mom and Melissa Nathan, the main protagonist in "The Return of Melissa" gets his chance for his right choice - to get Faith in God peacefully but he prefers his own way.

The story shows Nathan's consciousness evolution - starting from hatred and competition with God, going on through enlightenment, and ending up with a deeper spiritual awareness of reality.

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The Return of Melissa © Jacklyn A. Lo, Library of Congress TXu 2-124-241


1 Perfection = filling the soul matrix* with the necessary energetic qualities and quantities 

2 By the right choice we mean a choice which is the most optimal for a spiritual entity moving towards Liberation, where Liberation is a final exit from the reincarnation chain without return

3 The wrong choice = not the optimal choice for the soul (roundabout way), leading to the collection of defective energies*. Extra time and energy-consuming and as a result, a human is hit by a karmic payment.

*Explanations are based on the book "Soul Choice" of L. Strelnikova, L. Seklitova.