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Why War? Part I

The war in Ukraine is a catastrophe that any sane person would like to prevent. But what specifically needs to be done for this from a Spiritual point of view, and why do the Higher Forces allow wars?

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To understand this, let's look at why the planet Earth was created.

Why Earth was created? 


Planet Earth, humans, and the interactive platform for them were created by Higher Forces for two main reasons:

A. The need for earthly energies on a daily basis

B. Need for new souls to replenish the Higher Hierarchies

As in any project, the Higher Powers have set concrete goals for themselves and expect results of a certain quality.

A. daily energies

Let's have a look at the daily energies first.  What are these energies? Where do they come from?

Energies come from people through:


There is a large spectrum of energies, which we could combine into three main groups

The highest quality of energy
The average quality of energy
The low-quality of energy

The highest quality of the energy  😀 is the purest energy coming from:

  • Compassion & Help 
  • Love & Healing
  • Gratitude
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity in
    • Art & Music
    • Writing &Films
    • Philosophy & Metaphysical

The average quality of the energy 😐 is the energy coming from:

  • Engineering & Programming
  • Production & Operations 
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Finance & Management 
  • Pop Music and Art
  • Traveling, cooking

Low quality of the energyis the energy coming from:  

  • Speculation and lies
  • Gossip and slander
  • Quarrel and swearing
  • Fun without learning
  • Drunken fights, quarrels, and fights

Higher powers need a certain quality and quantity of energy. 

quality demand

Let's look at the qualitative-quantitative demand*  from the Higher Forces and the energies that we produce for them (Table 1).

Table 1. Energies Demand-Supply correlation

The Highest ones want us to produce 60% high-quality content, but we can only give them 10% only, i.e 6 times less.  

They want us to generate only 30% energy average quality, but we give them twice as much.

And, finally, the Higher Powers set a threshold of 10% for low-quality energies, and we give them three times as much.

In other words, we do not provide the Supreme with the results that they need.

B.  quality of souls for Higher Hierarchies

The Higher Ones also have requirements for the quality of the souls themselves. The quality of a soul mainly depends on the Spiritual Choice of the soul. 

Hierarchy of Lights

Souls with a multiple-choice to the Light acquire such qualities that allow them to enter the Hierarchy of Lights

Hierarchy of Darks

Souls with a multiple-choice towards Darkness acquire such qualities that allow them to enter the Hierarchy of Darks.

Pic. 1

One of the main principles is that the Hierarchy of Lights must be larger and more powerful than the Hierarchy of Darkness.
Therefore, the demand for souls with the qualities of Light is higher than for souls with the qualities of Darkness (pic. 1). 

So, how well do we satisfy this requirement of the Supreme?

To answer this question, let's build the Demand-Supply for souls* in Table 2.

Table 2. Demand-Supply for souls

Spiritual Choices

As you can see from the table, we are again far from ideal - people make a choice towards Darkness much more often than towards Light. 

In other words, the Higher Ones receive an excess of one quality of souls and a lack of others.


Souls who have chosen Degradation are the least desirable for the Highest. 

The Higher Ones spent much more energy on them than They received in return; in the long run, as unprofitable, these souls, are sent for decoding

The more degradants, the less profitable Their project is.

*Note: Some information is taken from the books of contactees L. Seklitova and L. Strelnikova

In the upcoming Parts, we will look at what can be done to improve the situation in the supply-demand chains.

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Grigory Rasputin - Light or Dark? Part III (B)

Aron Simonovich wrote in his book RASPUTIN: The Memoirs of his Secretary that Rasputin had a very good chance of getting rich, but he never had a monetary goal.


Having received some money from representatives of high society, ministers and businessmen, Grigory immediately spent it on the poor who came to him for help*.

modest lifestyle

In Petersburg time, Grigory led a very modest lifestyle, and only the room of his daughters was furnished with more or less good furniture. There was no luxury or anything like that in his apartment. He ate the same as in his homeland in Siberia - potatoes, sauerkraut, homemade crackers. He always observed the fast and never broke it.

Nicholas II family 

Note that he never demanded a salary from the Nicholas II family, being the spiritual healer of the tsar himself and, most importantly, the heir to the throne from dangerous hemophilia. The only expense covered by the royal family was the monthly rent for the apartment. 

More about the relationship between Gregory and the royal family in the screenplay The Tsar's Choice.


Many hated Grigory because they could not make a puppet out of him and offered big money for him to leave Petersburg. 

For example, one of the ministers, who was thwarted by Rasputin, offered him 200,000 rubles ($2 million today) to leave the capital for his village of Pokrovskoye, but Grigory refused.

Was Grigory Not Tempted?

A logical question arises - if even Jesus was subject to the temptations of Satan, were there serious trials for the soul of Grigory?
Grigory was no exception because everyone who came to the dense physical world is tested.

Olga Lokhtina

He was tested through a high society lady, the pretty blonde Olga Lokhtina, the general's wife. 

Olga Lokhtina

Publicly and privately, she persecuted Grigory, demanding reciprocity in love. 

Once Rasputin committed adultery with her and, repenting of his sin subsequently rejected all her attempts to establish any further relationship with her.


Following Rasputin with declarations of love, she was obviously very tempted to challenge such inner qualities of Gregory as pride, i.e. high opinion of yourself. 

However, Grigory passed the temptation "cleanly".


Following the qualities and values of Rasputin, as well as viewing his reaction to Satan's temptations, we must recognize that Grigory is pure Light, without a single sign of Darkness!

The Holy Bible advises us to separate the wheat from the chaff, and this is one of the most important tasks we must do. This article, written in accordance with this advice, gives a direct answer that Grigory Rasputin was a spiritual being moving towards the Light.

G. Rasputin with Tsarevich Alexei. Icon of N.Guryanov


All his qualities, values, and lack of predilections indicate that he was a man of high energy and high spirit, most likely, who voluntarily took on a difficult mission and sacrificed himself for the sake of a better future for Russia.

After the brutal murder in 1916, Grigory's body was buried in Alexander Park, from where later on was taken out and burned on the orders of A.F. Kerensky.

The symbolic burial place of Grigory Rasputin.

Unfortunately, most Russians still have an internal problem of separating the wheat from the chaff. Many blindly believe in the propaganda and do not use their own thinking.

godless Lenin

Until now, statues of the godless Vladimir Ulyanov/Lenin, the leader of Bolsheviks who brutally murdered the royal family, are kept in the center of every Russian city and even carefully keep his corpse in heart of Moscow.  

But this man pitted brother against brother, unleashing a civil war in 1917, which killed between 7 and 12 million people, mostly civilians.

Lenin Mausoleum

In contrast, Grigory carried pure Love and Peace to all: " I am your brother sent by God…

prophet and pacifist

Rasputin was a Russian prophet and pacifist who tried to convey to the Tsar the danger of entering the First World War.  Unfortunately, Nicholas II wasn't able to make the Spiritual Choice towards Light.


All Grigory's predictions about the death of the royal family and the terrifying future of Russia came true. It became time for the Dark Ones...

In Russia, there is not even a memorial plaque to Grigory Rasputin, and the only museum opened in his native village of Pokrovsky is funded from private sources.

House-Museum of Grigory Rasputin


Find an alternative choice of the tsar and future of the Russian empire in the screenplay "The Tsar's Choice".

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Grigory Rasputin - Light or Dark? Part III (A)

Very often, Grigory Rasputin was accused of drunkenness, debauchery, and even venality.  

To get to the bottom of the truth, we must understand why alcohol, sex, and money exist in the human world.

Grigory Rasputin 1909

satan's tools

We must recognize that alcohol, sex, money, and so on are neither values ​​nor qualities of Darkness, but effective tools of Satan to tempt and test the human soul.

This main goal of Satan is to make a person addicted, and in the long run - to gain complete control over him.

negative karma

At best, the person will acquire negative karma, and retribution will prolong his existence in the physical world; in the worst case, his soul will be decodedThere is an intermediate option - the person will be dragged into the Dark System with their CEO Satan.

Let's take a closer look at alcoholsexmoney closer to Grigory.


Grigory's favorite alcoholic drink was Madeira with a strength of 18–20%, which is two times lower than standard Russian vodka. 

Since Rasputin was a peasant from a Siberian village, where the morning begins with a large glass of vodka, Madeira was for him a secular drink.

actors and doubles

Grigory's enemies tried their best to denigrate him and compromise him in front of the tsar’s family. Some representatives of high society hired actors and doubles for the role of the drunken Grigory. 

false admirers

Matryona Rasputina wrote that her father loved music and dancing, was an inquisitive person and was often molested by false admirers.

By slipping the drug into his drink, they created an environment with naked women, and photographed Grigory, in order to blackmail and manipulate him. One of the cases is described in Maria Rasputina's book "Rasputin. Why?"


It must also be understood that from the beginning of the mobilization of the Russian army for the First World War  (17th of July 1914) until his death ( 30th of December 1916), Grigory was in constant tension. His mission to influence the tsar Nikolai so that he would not enter the war failed. 

At the same time, the Russian tsar sincerely considered himself the keeper of the good name of the Romanov dynasty and the savior of the Russian Empire and did not want to hear about any peace. Both Nicholas and Alexandra lost interest in Grigory. The number of his fans and students also decreased. 


It must be understood that, as a clairvoyant, Grigory saw the karmic projections of fate on himself, and on the royal family, and on the Russian people, and on the country, and this future terrified him. 

Such stress had to be extinguished somehow, but there was not much choice.

Sexual debauchery

Hieromonk Iliodor (S. Trufanov)2 was one of the main figures in slandering Grigory and accusing him of debauchery.  Driven by pride and envy of Grigory's fame and success, Iliodor, who had much less energy and spiritual capabilities, came up with various absurdities, including Grigory's sexual relationship with the tsarina.

Find more about Iliodor's slandering in the screenplay The Tsar's choice.

However, it is documented that Grigory was faithful to his family with three children all his life. 

Grigory Rasputin with his children

Arriving in St. Petersburg in 1903, he lived first in a monastery, then with his admirers, and only ten years later he moved into his own apartment. 


While still living in someone else's apartment, he brought his daughters to St. Petersburg - Matryona first, and then Varvara. His wife refused to leave the farm and move to the city, visiting them once a year. 

At some point, Grigory's wife Praskovya Fedorovna underwent a total hysterectomy and she told her husband that she was ready for a divorce, but Grigory refused.

Grigory with his wife and daughter

no female victims

When political power came to Vladimir Lenin, the Bolsheviks began to look for materials to denigrate the tsar's family through its inner circle. 

They announced they were looking for Rasputin's female victims, but found none. Also, there was not a single case of pregnancy from Grigory. The close friends to tsar's family Anna Vyrubova/Taneeva, who was rumored to be Grigory's mistress, was, in fact, a virgin, as confirmed by several gynecologists.


The most incredible rumors about Grigory spread not only in Russia, but also abroad and grew to unprecedented proportions. For example, in one of the English-language sources was said that Grigory's real surname was Novy3, but among the people, Grigory received the nickname Rasputin for debauchery.

As the matter of fact, the word Rasputin with the root «put'» has several meanings in the Russian language: 1. Rasputitsa = bad road;  2. Rasput’ye = crossroad;  3. Rasputnik = libertine.  The correct metaphysical meaning of the surname Grigory belongs to the second meaning, that is, the crossroads, hinting at the Spiritual Choice of the Russian Tsar.

Find an alternate reality for Russia's future in 2021 in the screenplay The Tsar's Choice.


Rasputin spoke of love as the highest Christian virtue, but his bright intention was conveniently turned by his enemies into carnal "love" understandable to everyone.


 Soul decoding is a spiritual death of a soul.

Trufanov ended up abandoning faith and God, planning terrorist attacks against the existing government, organizing several assassination attempts on Grigory, and offering his services to the Bolsheviks.

3 "Novy" (new) was the first word of the little Tsarevich Alexei when he first saw Grigory. Since the name and surname Grigory Rasputin were widespread in Russia, it was decided to add the second surname "Novy" to the existing surname Rasputin. Since then, Grigory began to sign with a double surname: Rasputin-Novy. 

Note that two-word surnames with a hyphen were allowed only to nobles, and Grigory was a peasant, but by order of the tsar, he was given such a surname.

Part III (B) will be released soon.

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Grigory Rasputin - Light or Dark? Part II of III

Elder Macarius, Bishop Feofan, Grigory Rasputin

In this part, we shall cover the rest of the values/qualities of the Dark Ones and will compare them with those that Grigory Rasputin had.

5.  Atheism (godlessness)

Grigory not only had Faith but also knew that God exists. His prayers were distinguished by sincerity and lack of copying.

He spoke to God without servility, in his own words, as with a close friend: 

In You, Lord, I trust and I will never be ashamed of it! I praise You, Lord, and I say in my soul: be my Creator and Intercessor!

A person with a truly deep faith in God cannot be Dark.

6. Lack of interest in spirituality

Grigory had a deep passion for spirituality and took every opportunity to share his feelings and spiritual revelations with others. He had fans who regularly gathered to listen to him and record his stories. 
In 1907 he wrote his notes The Life of an Experienced Wanderer: “Spring means a great celebration for a spiritual person. As a decorated bright May happens, so the soul of the one who watches the Lord blooms and May arises.”
And in 1915  My Thoughts and Reflections: “They can deprive of everything - even a 
dwelling, but never a soul. The loss of earthly things is a great feat; you need to ask God to give you patience. For the loss of the earthly and the reward is great.”

Passion for the spiritual cannot belong to the Dark, therefore Grigory was Light.

7. Inability to heal

Grigory was a healer. He recognized this ability as a teenager, treating horses in his native village, alter he started to treat people. In some cases, he used healing Siberian herbs, but mostly he healed with his prayers, i.e. God willing
Repeatedly Grigory helped the sick, even those who are considered incurable. Once, in a Ural monastery, he healed a demon-possessed - a woman who had suffered from seizures.
Among the others, his patients were Tsar Nicholas II and the heir to the Russian throne, Tsarevich Alexei.

A healer can’t be Dark, therefore by this criteria, Grigory belongs to Light.

8. No skills to see future

From adolescence, Grigory had the ability to make predictions.

For example, he “saw” when and how a person would die, and told his fellow villagers about it.

His daughter Matryona describes a case when, thanks to Grigory's foresight, a horse thief was found.

Grigory's predictions came true regarding the royal family, the fate of St. Petersburg, the then capital of Russia, the fate of his homeland, and much more.

He predicted: “Darkness will fall on Petersburg. When its name changes, the empire will end". In August 1914 St. Petersburg was renamed Petrograd. March 15, 1917, Nicholas II abdicated; this marked the end of the Russian Empire.

And another one: “If my murder is committed by nobles - relatives of the tsar, then the future of Russia and the royal family will be terrible. The nobles will flee the country, and the tsar's relatives will not be left alive; in two years the brothers will rise up against the brothers and kill each other.” 

The royal family, together with the emperor, were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks, and at the end of 1917 Russia entered the Civil War.

As Darks do not have the ability to see the future, but Grigory does, he is representative of Lights.

9. Chauvinism

Grigory promoted mutually beneficial cooperation between people of different nationalities and countries.

In private conversations with the tsar, he calls him for friendship with the United States and economic cooperation with Germany.

In his own country, he points out the advantages of international marriages and helps Russian Jews through his personal secretary Aron Simonovich*.

Grigory does not fit into the goals of the Dark Ones - incitement of chauvinism, but represents the opposite - therefore he is a Light One.

*Aron Simonovich, Rasputin and the Jews. Memoirs of the personal personality of Grigory Rasputin ( in Russian).

10. Slavery and dependency

Grigory was freedom-loving and this is evident from his travels - within the country and abroad to Palestine and Jerusalem. The presence of a wise wife gave him the opportunity to make long pilgrimages. The pleasure of freedom is felt in his notes "The Life" and " My thoughts".

Grigory never depended on anyone. Living in his village, he was an independent farmer, fisherman, and cart driver. 

When he moved to St. Petersburg, many wanted to make a puppet out of him, but, guided by his mission, he remained incorruptible, causing irritation among the nobles and open and hidden enmity.

Freedom and independence are values of Light, therefore, Grigory is a representative of Lights.

Photo: Grigory with villagers

11. Vision of the devil and demons 

During his life, Grigory had a vision of the Mother of God who appeared to him when he plowed the field. The vision lasted several seconds and left an indelible impression on Grigory. Later, the vision motivated him to come to St. Petersburg.*

A vision of the Queen of Heaven can’t appear to a person moving towards Darkness, therefore Grigory was a Spiritual entity moving towards Light.

*Matryona Rasputina. "Rasputin Why?" (in Russian)


The conclusion from these analyzes is unequivocal - none of the qualities and values of the Dark Ones fit Grigory's profile.

Consequently, according to these criteria, Grigory does not belong to the Dark, but to the Light.

However, we will not rush to draw a final conclusion, because Grigory Rasputin was accused of debauchery, drunkenness, greed, etc., and in the third part we will conduct additional analyzes.