Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Questions to Ascended Masters

My questions to Ascended Masters on Kim Michael's conference 27-30 of Sep 2018

Kim Michael's conference in Albuquerque, NM, USA

Question 1
Twenty-six hundred years ago, Gautama the Buddha invented a technique called Vipassana Meditation. How relevant is this technique to the modern Western world?

Answer 1 by Gautama the Buddha
A) I didn't invent the technique; it was given to me by the Ascended Masters.
B) For people who have been practising Vipassana Meditation in their previous lives, that might be working well. However, for most Westerners, Vipassana is not the best way. We (Ascended Masters) have provided you with a toolkit containing invocations, degrees, etc. to increase individual as well as a collective consciousness.

Question 2
Gautama the Buddha attracted thousands of followers via his teachings when Jesus attracted only hundreds. Was collective consciousness in India higher than it was in Israel in those days or did other factors affect people?

Answer 2 by Gautama the Buddha:
a) The collective consciousness in the Middle East 2,000 years ago was very low. Israel was the darkest place on the planet.
B) Jesus had his own mission there and attracted a number of disciples who continued his mission.

Question 3
Prior to this conference, I received an offer from an Englishman to become a "channeler" by myself. He explained that he had received a week of training to not only become a "messenger" himself but to give the opportunity to channel to anyone who might be interested. For example, he himself got a connection to the Archangel Michael and he provided a connection to Leonardo da Vinci to a client. 
Any comment on that?

Answer 3 by Saint Germain or Mother Mary:

The number of contactees (channelers) is growing. This has happened due to a need to increase the collective consciousness of the people. However, that does not mean that the “pure” spiritual entities must talk through them. The Archangel Michael or Leonardo da Vinci and the information they provide at this conference are from a "pure" source.
The best teaching currently available for spiritual seekers is the information provided via Kim Michael. 

That does not necessarily mean that the channeler lies to himself or to others because of these entities, i.e., the Archangel Michael or Leonardo da Vinci could exist at the lower realms, such as mental or emotional.