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How does real-life karma work, and why does it affect some people but not others?

This is another major lighting theme that appeared on Quora.

Why is it important? Because some young souls may mistakenly think that everything is permitted and that there is no punishment for crimes.

So how does karma work in real life and why does it affect some people but not others? 

Short answer

Karma only works for souls with Free Will.  

Karma does not work for souls without Free Will.


Longer answer

All young souls incarnating in a human body receive a precious gift from our Creator — Free Will.

Free Will

Having this gift, they can choose the Spiritual Direction of their movement - towards Light2 or towards Darkness3. There is also a sub-direction - Degradation, which is the worst case scenario and should be avoided.

The Universal Law of Karma (karma for short), like any Law, helps people correct their mistakes and move on.

Because most young souls are unwilling to study voluntarily, they are forced into what we would call punishment.

If the soul does not learn well and continues to make the same mistakes, the punishment will be tougher. At the same time, by the Universal Laws of Change and Evolution, it will be given the Choice of a further direction towards Light or Darkness.

In the case of the Choice of Light, which is more challenging than the Choice of Darkness, the soul will receive a renewal of its consciousness and "automatically" gain an understanding of what has been done wrong in the past. In other words, the person will receive a vision to voluntarily correct his/her mistakes.

Brad Anderson in his movie The Machinist (2004) skillfully described the mechanism of karma for a soul moving towards Light. Find my review of the movie.

 © Wikipedia

However, in the case, if the soul will choose a direction toward Darkness, its consciousness will be brutalized and it will continue to develop its bad doings further, i.e. will become more skillful in "bad" deeds.

The Head of Darkness, Satan, is especially attentive to all those who have a tendency to constantly choose Darkness. Satan is the direct beneficiary of the soul's choice in favor of Darkness, as it receives a potential member of its Hierarchy.

But how practically Satan will drag the soul into His pool?

To catch the prey tightly Satan drops some earthly treasures in front of his prey. At this stage, the goal of the Head of Darkness is to make the soul become addicted. Whether, it's drugs, money, power, sex, etc. Everything goes.

However, even with the number of addictions, but with Free Will in hand, the person still has a chance to turn to the Light. Therefore, Satan's goal is to take this Will away from the soul.

At some point, a strongly addicted soul becomes so weak that it is unable to resist the next temptation of Satan and gives up its Free Will for the sake of another treasure. Now, this soul is fully belongs to Satan and Satan's Will.

The soul still keeps its personality, but feels, that a "someone" or "something" beyond his own intentions pushes him/ her for doings.

As the soul doesn't have its own Will and follows orders of Satan it doesn't have any Karma anymore. 

Therefore, from the outside it seems that the person who does evil to another does not bear any punishment.

Another group of souls without affect by karma are mature souls - missionaries. They made their Final Choice towards Darkness long time ago. They incarnate in the materialistic worlds like our Earth on the order of Satan. They move in the physical reality fast, without hesitation and thinking.


1. Karma works for souls moving towards Light, i.e. having Free Will. If they make a mistake they have to fix it

2. Karma doesn't work for souls that made their final Spiritual Choice towards Darkness, i.e. who lost Free Will. As the soul doesn't make any decisions, there is no punishment for its doings.


1. Creator1   - God, Head of Lights

2. Spiritual Direction towards Light2   - the Direction of following Values of Lights












3. Spiritual Direction towards Darkness3  - the Direction of following Values of Darkness












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Does rebirth really happen?

The question "Does rebirth really happen?" again dedicated to reincarnation. And I would like to share with you my favorite answer by Bhavana Vashisht. with a few comments of my own.

Short answer: Yes, rebirth does happen and as humans, it is very important for us to know about it and learn to get out of it.

Long answer: Most of the major details (about the soul, proofs of soul, the science behind rebirth, way to get out of the rebirth cycle, etc.) have been provided below. Read till the end to get the most out of this answer.

The most reliable and authentic source to gain knowledge about reincarnation or rebirth is Bhagavad Gita. It gives a clear, logical explanation of the science of reincarnation. Lord Krishna spoke Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna on a battlefield – which is a suitable place to discuss reincarnation as people confront death face to face in combats and common questions about life and the afterlife may arise. Before jumping into the fascinating details of reincarnation, it is important to understand the eternal part of every living being, i.e., the soul.

Soul – the Eternal Living Part

Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita (chapter 2) says, “That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul… The soul is unbreakable and incombustible; it can neither be dampened nor dried. It is everlasting, in all places, unalterable, immutable, and primordial… Some look on the soul as amazing, some describe him as amazing, and some hear of him as amazing, while others, even after hearing about him, cannot understand him at all.”

Proofs of the Presence of the Soul

Bhagavad Gita says that the soul is immortal and is never destroyed. As the sun alone illuminates all this universe, so does the soul within the body illuminate the entire body by consciousness. Without this consciousness, the body is nothing but a lump of dead matter. It is said that the soul is the driver of the body. When it leaves the body, all its functions stop, and it becomes useless within a fraction of a second. This can be observed when someone dies.

Also, as we can see with time, from childhood to adulthood, the body keeps changing, but something remains the same. The distinction between the conscious self (soul) and the body becomes more visible when we grow older. If we think more deeply about this, this can act as another proof of the presence of a living soul within us. 

Many scientists, researchers, and famous people have complete faith in the presence of the soul. As there are a lot of proofs and references but less space to write so this portion will be covered in another answer.

Core Principles behind Reincarnation

Bhagavad Gita says that souls cannot be slain even if the body is slain. But if this is the case, then what exactly happens to the soul? Lord Krishna beautifully explains, "The soul is neither born, nor does it ever die, nor having once existed, does it ever cease to be. The soul is without birth, eternal, immortal, and ageless. It is not destroyed when the body is destroyed… Just as the embodied soul continuously passes from childhood to youth to old age, similarly, at the time of death, the soul passes into another body. The wise are not deluded by this… As a person sheds worn-out garments and wears new ones, likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one." These are very important lines that form the basic principles behind reincarnation. So, we can say that reincarnation is the transmigration of the soul from one body to another.

Continue Reading on Quora


This is a great answer, however, a couple of important notes.

Note 1

Not only the physical body of a human is constantly changing, but also the sense of consciousness or the quality of a soul.

The quality of the soul fully depends on the energetic spectrum of the soul as well as the quantity of these energies.

This follows from the Universal Laws of Change and Evolution.

The quality of soul energies can even change to the opposite when a person makes such a Spiritual Choice, which changes the former Spiritual Direction* to the opposite.

For example, a person who follows the Values of Light makes a Spiritual Choice towards Darkness.

Therefore, we can call the Spiritual Choice also a Spiritual Trial.

























A good example of how a highly Spiritual person had transformed into a vampire could be found in the movie "Bram Stoker's Dracula" by Francis Ford Coppola.  Please find details in my review of the movie.

Note 2

According to the newest information, a soul can be destroyed

However, this can be done only by the decision of the Supreme Creation, i.e. Creator of this soul.

This severe punishment is applied to parasitic people who do not want to give anything to others, but simply consume the resources of society or family and do this for four human lives in a row.

Other souls who do not deserve further existence are unnecessarily cruel souls . They also get a number of chances to improve themselves. If these chances are ignored for several lifetimes, the souls receive the death penalty.

During the procedure all soul's energies are cleared from their matrix and the personality leaves existence. This procedure is extremely painful.

Note 3

In my feature screenplay The Return of Melissa the protagonist is a scientist who didn't understand the spiritual matters regarding a soul, although he believed in God, and even competed with him. 

With his ignorance regarding soul he went to an experiment, that not only horrified his psyche but also proved him the existence of a soul and the power of its Creator.

Find more about the destiny of the scientist in the screenplay.

Spiritual Direction. 

There are two Spiritual Directions: towards Light and towards Darkness.  Between them is sub-direction: Degradation.


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Where do the new souls come from?

The interesting question appears on Quora: Where do the new souls come from?

The multiplication of souls suggests a logical problem, unless time is not linear and in my next life I come back in the Dark Ages as a peasant, and in the following in the 25th century. 

If lower life forms evolve into higher life forms, where do these new “souls” come from? The bio-mass of insects and non-human life forms is greater than the number of humans which might be 100 billion since the first homo sapiens.. The population is growing exponentially. 

Where do the new souls come from? 


To answer the question "Where do souls come from?" we must examine the structure of the soul.


According to the latest esoteric knowledge, the soul consists of a matrix that works as a container for collecting various types of energies and the energies themselves.

There are two main ways to get souls' matrices.

1st way: 

Main stream - getting matrix from scratch

The matrix is ​​made by the Highest Assistants of our Spiritual Father (God).  

This process requires not only special skills and high energy potential, but also a special energy that can spiritualize these matrices. 

2nd way: 

Recycling of matrices

a. decoding of parasites

About 10% of the total number of souls do not have guts for evolution and are considered faulty. 

Most of these people are those who spend their valuable life time on fictitious pleasures. They parasitize on society and / or family, not bothering themselves with work or study. 

This does not give them the opportunity to collect energy either for their souls or for the needs of the Higher Ones.

God gives the parasite a chance to change within four human lifetimes. In the event that the soul still prefers not to work, a tough decision is made - this soul is taken for decoding

Decoding is the process of deleting all accumulated energies from the matrix and permanently removing the spiritual personality. The spiritual entity ends its existence, i.e., faces spiritual death.

The empty matrix is spiritualized and a new personality is born. This matrix is used to integrate into a new physical body.

The new spiritual entity begins to collect its own higher energies, filling the matrix with tiny particles of energies day after day for millennia until the matrix container is full.

b. decoding unreasonably cruel souls

In the same way, souls who display unjustified cruelty run the risk of facing the same fate, i.e. decoding. 

We have to admit, however, that in some exceptional cases, God gives Satan the opportunity to take this soul into His Hierarchy.

Find more in the book The Soul and Secrets of Its Structure

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I’m really scared of reincarnation. I’m worried that I will be reborn as a prey animal.

I’m worried that I will be reborn as a prey animal, farm animal, or a new human, with no memory/experiences of me. Do you fear this?

Tom T Moore excellently answered this question on Quora (see below).

"You will not reincarnate as an animal. That option only happens when your soul is ready to begin living on Earth but would like to “get the feel” of Earth. In my case, I incarnated as a panther, before my first life as a human living in a jungle. After that, it is always as a human.

It may seem like you are a “new human,” as our souls agreed to be veiled from knowing about our past lives as part of what is called the “Earth Experiment.” 

All of our souls volunteered to be veiled in all of our lives on Earth. Why? Because several million years from now, our souls will merge into a creator and take over running this universe, allowing Creator to go to a higher level. Creator will not turn over this universe to us until Creator is sure we can handle the work. But we have to learn how to make trillions of decisions a second, which is what we are collectively doing during our lives on Earth.

We are only fragments of our souls, which are having 500,000 to over 1,000,000 lives across the universe at the same time to learn about all the life forms that exist on the trillions of planets. We are having 600 to 800 lives on Earth for each fragment. 

Each fragment is given a different soul interest. As an example, my soul's interest is in religions and advising world leaders (the latter not in this life), while another soul fragment in my “cluster” of eight fragments has a soul interest in exploration and designing and laying out towns and cities..."

Continue reading on Quora


From my side I'd like to add, that reincarnation is not a thing to be afraid of as it's only a way for humans to move forward on the Evolutionary path. But what you have to be aware of is the Universal Law of Karma, which says that each action has its consequences. 

In other words, if you do mostly good deeds, the collective consequence for you will be positive with a great reward, for example, a beautiful body, a prosperous life script, etc. However, if you spread bad deeds you might be punished by blindness, an ugly body, or difficult living conditions.

Also, there is no sense to worry about the old memories and experiences as you will gather new ones in your new incarnation.

And as far as I know, the incarnation of human souls into animal bodies is no longer performed.

As for Tom's theory about the fragments of our souls, the easiest way to understand it is through the telecommunications theory.

In the early days of the telephone, there was only one conversation on one pair of wires. In other words, one high-frequency signal carried only one low-frequency signal.

At present, thanks to advanced technologies, one high-frequency signal is a carrier of thousands of audio conversations.

If we apply this model to our soul, where a soul is a high-frequency carrier and our physical bodies are low-frequency signals, then we can get an idea of ​​how our soul can carry up to 600-800 lives at the same time. 

However, Tom's breathtaking concept is too high for most people, at least for the Western world, since here most people, unfortunately, do not even believe in the soul, and also in reincarnation.

Find a story of reincarnation of one soul, gathering positive karma, and an amazing consequence of it in the novel Redemption.

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Is reincarnation real? Are we all reincarnations of our previous lives?

Is reincarnation real? 

I found a good answer to this question on Quora which I would like to share with you.

Ⓒ Reincarnation


I think I can answer it because I have a living proof with me.

My mother’s elder sister’s (masi) husband could remember his past life when he was just 3 years old.

Today, He is a reputed Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab.

When he was 3 year old he would tell his parents about his past life.

He told them-

I used to live in a village in Gujarat. I died because of a disease. I want to go back to my family.

He told each and every detail- His past life parents name, His past life wife’s name, his occupation etc.

Then without telling him, his father went to that village out of curiosity and was shocked to know that each and every detail was correct.

He (his father) didn’t tell him about this and after some time, my uncle eventually forgot about it.

But his father told this incident to my uncle’s wife (my masi) and warned her to never ever talk to him (my uncle) about this as this will cause him severe depression.

Now it’s up to you to believe in it or not. But I believe in this.

Note- Uncle’s parents weren’t uneducated or the ones who would believe in anything without using their knowledge. They first went for the proof, after that only they believed in it.

Also there are many other incidents about Rebirth.

SOUL IS AN ENERGY. AND ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR BE DESTROYED but Can be transferred from one medium to another.

Some of You won’t believe in it because it hasn’t happened with someone close to you. But that doesn’t mean its a fake thing.

It's fine, had I been in your place, I would have reacted in the same way.


The ideal proof of reincarnation is the law of conservation of energy.

We spend our whole lives learning, processing situations, solving problems, making decisions, etc. It is impossible to believe that all this huge energy potential disappears with the death of a person. It is more natural to think that the best energies slowly but steadily are collected in our soul, which will work as a carrier also for our next body.

Also I would like to add that there are plenty of proofs of the past lives.

The most famous "case" proving reincarnation is, perhaps, the experience of one of the greatest teachers of our planet - Gautama Buddha, who lived two and half thousands years ago.

Gautama Buddha © Jacklyn A. Lo

He saw all his "countless" incarnations at the moment of his complete enlightenment. He saw his past lives in such detail as who he was in life and how he struggled in his attempt to find the path to full liberation.

Gautama was a real person, prince, who left a golden palace of his wealthy parents for the gaining a liberation from the materialistic world.


Find more about reincarnation via four Past Lives of a High-Tech Executive

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Why War? Summary /D

 Everything is in our hands, thanks to our Choice.

- Jacklyn A. Lo

Support for Writers and Screenwriters

We have to admit that in developed countries the popularity of the church and other religious institutions is rapidly declining. Therefore, people have to look for answers to their internal questions in alternative sources of information, that is, in books and films. 

Writer © Jacklyn A. Lo

It takes at least a year to write a quality novel or feature film script. Very often, independent authors do their work at their own expense, with the clear knowledge that their time and resources will never be compensated.

The worst situation in the film industry is where ideas are treated like garbage, and stolen ideas are a common way to succeed if you have the financial means but no creativity.

At best, an aspiring writer will get a paid job in a film studio. Unfortunately, this studio will require him/her to write those episodes that bring in the most monetary profit and not the development of the human consciousness.

Thus, governmental support should be organized for those writers and screenwriters who are able to present issues of self-knowledge1  in an understandable and entertaining way. For example, it could be a presentation of not only the physical and mental goals of the protagonist but also spiritual quests.

Note1: spiritual, metaphysical

Recognition of the Energy Healers 

At present, very little is known about healers such as prana-, energy- and especially spiritual healers.

They usually don't receive any government support to run their practice, and health insurance doesn't cover their bills, so healers have to work elsewhere to make a living.

We must understand that the drugs (chemo) that we currently use very often cannot help and also cause severe side effects. And subsequent surgeries are associated with an even greater risk to the physical body.

At the same time, a skilled healer is able to cure the disease without side effects.

The poor recognition of healers comes from a narrow view of the human body, where Western medical schools do not provide any knowledge about the human energy structure.

@Subtle Energy Bodies of Aura

In the Western World, raising awareness of the human energy structure can start with Chinese traditional medicine and  Indian Ayurveda.

Reincarnation Concept

All humanity develops according to the Universal Laws of Evolution and Change. No one, no person, no organization is an exception.

However, religious institutions remain in one place. Providing outdated spiritual information, they are unable to meet the needs of the rapidly developing modern man.

The dogma approach does not correspond to the ever-increasing energy potential of a person who leaves a church empty-handed - without knowing "Who I am."

Because of this, some spiritual seekers break away from the conservative "mother" church and organize more modern congregations. However, as a rule, after the death of the founder, the renewed faith is also "frozen" and becomes as conservative as the "main" church.

Hint: why don't you at least bring back the concept of Reincarnation, with which you could teach your flock additional concepts such as Karma, Free Will, Fate, and perhaps, Ascension?

Returning to the Original Question: Why War?

God, our Spiritual Father, and Head of Light, is against war. Although, in order to teach2  us, He must follow the Universal Law of Karma.

If we take the opportunity to study voluntarily, everything will go smoothly and we will enjoy peace. However, if the chance is missed, we will face a harsher reality, where war is a form of punishment.

Satan, as the Head of Darkness, is the direct beneficiary of the war. War is one of His main Values. He takes care of possible leaders and candidates for participation in hostilities, as well as ordering a program to run a war scenario.

And, of course, there is a choice behind everything, and on a larger scale, it is a Spiritual Choice.

Note2 : Universal Law of Evolution

Table. Choice-Karma-Consequence

* Only for souls with Free Will

In other words, everything is in our hands, thanks to our Choice based on our Values.








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The end of the Article "Why War?"