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Rasputin the Holy Devil

Probably the most objective point of view on Russian prophet & missionary Grigory Rasputin.
Great job!

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

The 6th Extract from the Novel Redemption. Part 2 from 2


Ann and Rob

This is the second part of the sixth excerpt from my novel Redemption

In this conversation, Ann continues to ask Rob about Fate and Free Will.


Ann thought about this as she disconnected from the tunnel’s SmartDrive and headed towards the exit. Could this really be true? Had her life in twenty-first-century America really been shaped by the lives of Mi, Ra, and Isabelle? Had there been other lives in more recent history that had also affected her life now? 

“So let me just get this straight,” she said, merging with Chicago’s traffic. “My fate is already set, but it has been shaped by my choices I’ve made in past lives. Is that it?”

“Exactly,” said Rob. “The reason your Creator gave you Free Will in the first place was to make you each different, unique individual instead of uniform robots produced in some divine mold.” He put on a sad face. “Unfortunately, I have run out of gold stars.”

“Pity,” said Ann with a smile. “I was doing rather well! Explain more about the correlation between fate and Free Will. Can they really work together?”

Rob seemed to ponder this for a moment, though Ann knew this was just part of his programming; he could analyze many terabytes of data in a fraction of a second. 

“Fate and free will work together well. You’ve been given free will so you can choose your personal direction, but your choice does not remove the next milestone of your fate. In another word, you still have to come to that next programmed point.” Rob eyed her from the screen, noting the thoughtful look on her face. 

“Consider this,” he continued. “We are on our way to the supermarket, which, if you turn right at the next set of lights, we will approach from the South entrance. However, if you choose to turn left instead, you will approach the same shop from the North. However, your purchases will not be affected by this, and you will still end up going to the shop. This is similar to fate and Free Will. You cannot escape your fate, but you can choose how you face it.”

As he finished, Ann found herself at the traffic lights in question and looked in each direction. “So, what difference does it make to me in the course of my life if I choose now to go right or left?”

“Well, as far as your soul is concerned—that being the part of you that goes from life to life throughout your spiritual existence—it’s not so much about right or left as it is about good or evil,” said Rob. “However,” he added, with a wink, “turning right would bring us to the supermarket almost 5 minutes quicker than turning left.” 

“Thanks,” said Ann, pulling away to the right. “Carry on. What difference do good and evil make to my soul, then?”

“This is where Nirvana comes in. By choosing what is good, your soul is enlarged, progressing towards enlightenment and ultimate redemption. But when you choose evil instead, your soul becomes darker, heavier, heading deeper into the gloom of brutality.”

Ann turned the car into the parking lot and eased it into space. Switching off the engine, she picked up the E-A device to give Rob her full attention. “It sounds like we’re talking more about spiritual choices, rather than deciding which way to head to the shops?”

“Quite,” said Rob, his screen rippling as he took on his usual form.

“So, what effect do these spiritual choices have on a person in a material sense?”

“My sources tell me that as you progress towards enlightenment, by making choices for good, your eyes are more open, able to see things which you would never have noticed before. You gain a greater understanding, broader insight, a heightened ability to see what is good and evil, and making the right choices easier. On the other hand, choosing darkness affects every area of a person’s life for the worse. Their insight is narrowed, and their capacity for vision and creativity are diminished.”

“So making the right choices is pretty important!” said Ann. “How can I ensure I don’t end up making the wrong decision?”

This Extract is taken from the Redemption novel,  the 4th Part: PEACE. 

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The 6th Extract from the Novel Redemption, Jacklyn A. Lo


Ann & Rob
Ann & Rob

I'd like to present the 6th extract from my novel Redemption.  In this conversation, Ann asks Rob about Fate and Free Will.


What’s going on with me? She wondered. I feel like a ship in a storm being tossed about by the waves of fate.

“What do you know about fate, Rob?” she asked, as much to distract herself as to get information from him. “The psychic said it’s a sort of pre-written script for a personal development, something that can’t be changed.”

“Interesting,” said Rob, nodding on the screen of the E-A device. “My sources would agree, though it’s less like a written script than a program.”

“Like a television program?”

“Like a computer program, similar to the one that runs me. I cannot change my code, and in that sense, I am restricted; I can only do what I have been programmed to do. Yet, at the same time, I am constantly growing in knowledge, both through my research and interaction with you. You, humans, are far more complex, but your individual fate works in the same way.”

Ann considered this for a moment. “So, are you saying that the script or program for my life is set? That I cannot change it?”

“Not exactly.” Rob’s image flickered as he took on the appearance of a professor, complete with mortarboard, gown, and glasses. “Let me explain. At present, you are Ann, living in twenty-first-century America. However, as you have seen, you were not always this person. In former lives, you have been Mi, a woman from the Stone Age, and Ra, a priest of Isis in the Roman Empire. And during the reign of Louis XIV, you were Isabelle, a girl from Paris. Correct?”

“Er, yeah,” said Ann, impressed. “Nice summary. But what has this to do with fate?”

“You will recall our conversation about Karma?”

“Of course. It’s the effect that one life has on the next, yes?”

“Correct!” Rob’s hand appeared on the screen and stuck a gold star in the corner. “Now imagine I have a bug in my programming.”

Ann broadly smiled. “That’s not hard. Especially when you look like that!”

“If I had a bug,” he continued, ignoring her joke, “which I don’t, of course, you would get your guys to go into the program and fix the code, yes?”

“I guess so.”

“And then you would upgrade me, so I had a new bug-free program; a new life, if you like.”

“Are you saying that’s what I’ve done as I’ve gone from one life to another?” said Ann. “I’ve been upgraded?”

“Exactly,” said Rob, beaming at her and sticking another gold star in the corner of the screen.

But Ann was unconvinced. “So who upgrades me?” she asked. “Who fixes the bugs in my program?”

“Well, you do, of course! When you use your free will to make correct choices, you are working on upgrading or developing yourself, shaping your own program, your own fate.” 


To be continued...

This Extract is taken from the Redemption novel,  the 4th Part: PEACE. 

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The Ancient Secret of THE FLOWER OF LIFE. Review. Part 2 out of 2



An especially big concern is Drunvalo’s aggressive promotion of the MerKaBa meditation and permission to his students to mix it with any other meditation technique which they practiced before.


Practicing a serious meditation by myself I know well the teachers'  warning about the danger of mixing the meditations.  

We also have to be aware that western psychiatry won't be able to help in the case of "side-effect" of any meditation as it doesn't have the necessary knowledge.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Multiplying this risk by Drunvalo's definition that "the brain (physical organ) is the mind ( intangible)“, you begin to question his real ability to successfully teach any meditation.

I also googled the “MerKaBa meditation  Drunvalo Melchizedek”. 

Resurrection or Ascension 

The book was written in the 80s-90s, i.e. more than 30 years ago, translated to many languages, and was sold to thousands of people around the world in addition to the dedicated seminars. 

That must be gathered huge statistics on results. As Drunvalo said it depends on you what you will choose - resurrection or ascension (;D). However, I didn't find anything except a 10-min YouTube video of someone with a chat.

Free Will

We have finally to knowledge that there are no magical short-cuts to the higher realm except the tool which was generously given to us by our Spiritual Father. This tool is our Free Will, for defining our Spiritual Direction (towards Light or Darkness or Degradation) and our Goals for gathering higher energetic potential which will allow us not only to enter the Higher Ẅorld but also to survive in it.

Spiritual Choices 

This path of several incarnations with Spiritual Choices and culmination in ascension is entertainingly presented in my fictional novel "Redemption". The idea of the story was brought to me by my personal Heavenly Teacher on my quest for a new ambitious goal.

Currently, this novel is available in the printed and e-book formats on Amazon and Smashwords.

Invisible Worlds

In conclusion, there is no doubt that invisible matters and invisible worlds are difficult to prove, that the UFOs evidence is hidden by governments as they don't know what to do with that, that our consciousness is very low and it must be raised, therefore there is a need for people who are willing to talk about the spiritual.

Spiritual Philosophers 

Unfortunately, our societies don't recognize the need for independent spiritual philosophers and don't pay them salaries, so sometimes the writers must do compromises and go for commercial success under the pressure of a publisher or an investor. 

Paranormal Elements

Is Drunvalo Melchizedek one of them? We don't know. But his book can be also a great inspirational source whether for a sci-fi movie-maker, fantasy writer, or as a kick-off read for any inquisitive man keen on paranormal elements.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Ancient Secret of THE FLOWER OF LIFE. Review. Part 1 out of 2


Heavenly Teachers

Each of us has a personal Heavenly Teacher*, that appears to us time by time. His main purpose is not to entertain us or himself, but to give us a hand for our spiritual growth.

Spiritual Contact

Unfortunately, the current consciousness of the human race is so low, that it doesn't allow everyone to recognize this spiritual contact - some of us mix it with intuition, others ignore it or simply scared to acknowledge it.

In his book "The Ancient Secret of THE FLOWER OF LIFE" (1985-1994)  Drunvalo Melchizedek describes his spiritual teachers such as Thoth, his wife Maat as well a pair of Angels coming to him to reveal unknown.

Sacred Geometry 

The book has two volumes, where the main topics are Sacred Geometry and Mer-Ka-Ba meditation. 

The biggest PROS for the manuscript is the great enthusiasm of the author which is going on through the book. That definitely lifts up a reader from the everyday routine and gives inspiration for the unknown. 

Seed of Life and Flower of Life 

The Seed of Life and the Flower of Life as a part of the Sacred Geometry and the new-age meditation are indeed fascinating subjects to dig in.

There are also other paranormal things in the book which make it entertaining to read.

But there are also significant Cons in it.

One of the problems is a lack of structure -  the manuscript looks like a yellow press sketch with hundreds of shallow developed topics, which hop in and hop out without too much explanation.

However, the bigger issue of the manuscript is the obsessive marketing of the themes described in it and the author himself. 


For example, one of Drunvalo's biggest arguments for immediate spiritual practices is that we live in a time of rapid spiritual growth. He, unfortunately, doesn't specify what his conclusions are based on.  However, the COVID-19 shows us an absence of any glimpse of spirituality on the Globe as during the pandemic no single political nor social leader turned to his people with the words whether about spiritual strength or God. And comparing this with 500 years ago epidemy in England well described in the TV-series "The Tudors", we can see a significant decline in the spirit.


Or Drunvalo states that immortal Thoth came to him to learn Mer-Ka-Ba, as it's much easier meditation than he (Thoth) had been practiced before in order to carry on his immortality.

Inaccuracy is another problem of the writer.


For example, Drunvalo states that during one of the telepathic contact with Thoth he (Drunvalo Melchizedek) was translating Egyptian hieroglyphs to the human language (!). But anyone who experienced telepathy knows that all information is coming and going as a  hologram picture where to see and feel much better and deeper than in the "normal" reality and that the alphabet as a low, logic transmission level is not needed at all.


God mentioned in the book only briefly and with kind of negligence. At a certain point, the author describes our Spiritual Father as an entity ( or the author says He could be several entities) in the physical body and with an irritated mind towards "his children”.  


It is not clear why Drunvalo does not specify the main spiritual question of who our God is, for example, from his Heavenly teachers - Angels ​but applies to the questionable source of knowledge by Zecharia Sitchin.


Drunvalo doesn't deny the reincarnation concept, but he prefers does not to talk about a "soul". 

For instance, the author continuously calls the human race "we", whether he talks about the ancient times - 200 000,13 000 years ago, or about nowadays. But mankind on the Earth now is almost  8 billion.  200,000 years ago some of "us" were in the stage of flora, gathering spiritual energies as a tree or flower or even grass, others were animals and someone lived in the energetic form at the faraway galaxy. 

To be continued

*More about the Heavenly Teachers in the book "Unordinary Life of Heavenly Teachers" by Larisa Seklitova and Ludmila Strelnikova.

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Why do people believe in God when I can disprove the Bible in the first couple pages?

© Jacklyn A. Lo

Quora sent me a thought-provoking topic a few days ago, "Why do people believe in God when I can disprove the Bible in the first couple pages?"


We must admit that intelligence has never been equal to spirituality. And if you're smart enough, you can approve or disapprove of anything.

This, however, does not mean that you have reached the ultimate truth; for without spirituality it is nothing more than a mental exercise, a waste of time.

In this regard, the parable of the blind and the elephant comes to mind.


Since the blind have never seen an animal, they evaluate it by touch; each for their part.

One of them touches the elephant's tail and says to the others: "the elephant is like a brush," the other one touches its trunk and concludes that the elephant is like a fat snake, etc.

After the assessments, each of the men began to prove that his experience is the real truth, and the other is talking nonsense.


We can compare blindness to low consciousness.

However there is nothing wrong with intelligence, but it is simply not enough to "see the true nature of things." Only a sighted person can see either an elephant or the surrounding world as a whole.

A "sighted person" is a person with higher consciousness. Higher consciousness will help you to better see the picture of the Universe, God, and your place in it.

In other words, to "see" the truth, you need to raise your consciousness.

development of consciousness

The question arises - is it possible to raise consciousness or is it given only to a select few?

Answer: nothing is given for granted, but everything can be earned by persistence and will and my article in 3 Parts tells how: Development of consciousness. 

However, a much larger problem arises when a person expresses his disrespect to God. The "blind" blame God for so many reasons, which further pollutes his mind and causes him serious harm. 


Blasphemy defiles a person's mind and hardens his soul, slowly but steadily drawing him into lower, denser realities.

One of such cases of blasphemy is well described by F. Dostoevsky in his novel The Brothers Karamazov.


Ivan, clever with his eyes and words, publicly expresses his view of the world: "God does not exist!" His atheistic philosophy infects his half-brother Smerdyakov, who, with a much younger soul, “buys” the philosophy and commits a crime.

Thus, Ivan becomes an accomplice in the murder and generates heavy negative karma.


In the modern world, most intellectual atheists are concentrated in science.

One of them is Nathan, a talented biophysicist from Colorado. He does not really deny God, but he hates Him and competes with Him.

Since his mother and beloved wife Melissa believe in God, Nathan has enough chances to turn to Him, but the scientist prefers his own way.

You can find out the details of Nathan's tragic fate and beyond in my art script "The Return of Melissa".


Now an irritated mind might say why God mercilessly punishes those who do not believe in Him or commit sin?

Again, we must understand that the Universal Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma) was formed long before the appearance of our God. That our Creator developed Himself according to this Law and found it useful for the spiritual development of any soul.

Universal Laws

We must also remember that the Law of Karma only works for those who still have a chance to evolute towards the Light, which is a privileged direction compared to the direction towards Darkness.

And finally, we must study other Universal Laws, such as the Law of Evolution, the Law of Change among others, for the further development of our consciousness.

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Faith and Resurrection in Film "The Return of Melissa"

The Return of Melissa

We all have our own path to perfection 1

And the biggest challenge on this path is to make the right choice2.

The right choice is always the most challenging one, but at the end of the day, it's protecting our soul from painful suffering, as it's happening in the case of the wrong choice3.

Supported by his mom and Melissa Nathan, the main protagonist in "The Return of Melissa" gets his chance for his right choice - to get Faith in God peacefully but he prefers his own way.

The story shows Nathan's consciousness evolution - starting from hatred and competition with God, going on through enlightenment, and ending up with a deeper spiritual awareness of reality.

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The Return of Melissa © Jacklyn A. Lo, Library of Congress TXu 2-124-241


1 Perfection = filling the soul matrix* with the necessary energetic qualities and quantities 

2 By the right choice we mean a choice which is the most optimal for a spiritual entity moving towards Liberation, where Liberation is a final exit from the reincarnation chain without return

3 The wrong choice = not the optimal choice for the soul (roundabout way), leading to the collection of defective energies*. Extra time and energy-consuming and as a result, a human is hit by a karmic payment.

*Explanations are based on the book "Soul Choice" of L. Strelnikova, L. Seklitova.

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The Tudors' Sweating Sickness vs. COVID-19

Are you aware that Henry VIII Tudor truly believed that sickness is a visitation from God and a punishment for sins? Read more: The Tudors' Sweating Sickness vs. COVID-19.

                     Photo: © The Tudors Wiki

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Putin's palace. History of world's largest bribe

In most countries, politicians get too big salaries and benefits vs. the quality of their contribution, 
but the Russian Federation is an EXTREME! (subtitles are in English)


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The 5th Extract from the Novel Redemption, Jacklyn A. Lo

Ann and Rob. Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo

I'd like to present the fifth extract from my novel Redemption

In this conversation, Ann requested Rob to explain the reincarnation principle to her.


“Tell me all about it,” Ann asked, steering her car through the city center. “I want all the info you’ve got on this reincarnation chain thing.” 

She’d left the café slightly later than expected and decided it wasn’t worth returning to the office. 

Instead, she went on a drive to clear her head and mull things over with a little help from Rob.

“Certainly, my lady,” he said, bowing his head slightly. “As you know, it has to do with your lifestream, which is made up of many individual lives. It’s a cycle of reincarnation. Birth, life and death, rebirth, life, and death.”

“But it’s not a never-ending cycle, is it?”

“No. Each life is built on the former lives, progressing towards the ultimate goal.”

“Of breaking free from the chain,” said Ann, interrupting him.


“What was it you called it again? It was named after a classic rock group, wasn’t it Oasis or something?”

“Nirvana,” said Rob, suspecting Ann was playing with him. “And the band was named after that ultimate goal, rather than the other way round.”

“So, is everyone caught in this reincarnation chain?”

“All humans are, yes.”

“And my work colleague, Peter?”  Ann asked after a moment of thinking.

“Of course. He will have had other lives before he was Peter, and no doubt he will have many lives after this one, as will you, my lady. And at this speed, that next life may come sooner than you expect.”

Ann glanced at Rob, frowning, “What do you mean?”

“The car,” said Rob. “You are traveling twelve miles an hour above the specified limit for this road.”

Ann sighed, easing her foot off the gas. “Driving too fast, moving too slow. I have to say, Rob, I don’t feel like I’m making much progress at the moment.”

“That day will come,” he replied, dishing out his most charming smile. “You just need to be patient, my lady. The little things matter just as much as the big ones. They all work together in the process of karma.”

“Little things like what?”

With barely a moment’s hesitation, Rob said, “Take your visit to the hospital this afternoon. You didn’t have to go and see your injured colleague. And yet you took the time to do it.”

“What little good that did? Peter didn’t even know I was there.”

“That is not what matters when it comes to karma. Whether people see your good deeds or not is of little consequence. It is what God sees that counts.”

“So, even little things help in my progress towards Nirvana? That’s certainly nice to know. But, still, I feel like I’m running on empty at the moment.” She paused at a set of traffic lights, momentarily lost in thought. “Rob,” she said suddenly.

“Yes, my lady!” said Rob, eager as always.

“Do you think I should carry on with this whole process of unearthing my past and finding out about my lifestream, about my true self?”

“As it says in the Bible: ‘Seek, and ye shall find.’”

Ann flicked the indicators to signal right and set off from the lights as if coming to a decision. “Can you map out the best route to the psychic’s place?”

Rob nodded happily. “On it right now!”


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