Sunday, April 4, 2021

Faith and Resurrection in Film "The Return of Melissa"

The Return of Melissa

We all have our own path to perfection 1

And the biggest challenge on this path is to make the right choice2.

The right choice is always the most challenging one, but at the end of the day, it's protecting our soul from painful suffering, as it's happening in the case of the wrong choice3.

Supported by his mom and Melissa Nathan, the main protagonist in "The Return of Melissa" gets his chance for his right choice - to get Faith in God peacefully but he prefers his own way.

The story shows Nathan's consciousness evolution - starting from hatred and competition with God, going on through enlightenment, and ending up with a deeper spiritual awareness of reality.

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The Return of Melissa © Jacklyn A. Lo, Library of Congress TXu 2-124-241


1 Perfection = filling the soul matrix* with the necessary energetic qualities and quantities 

2 By the right choice we mean a choice which is the most optimal for a spiritual entity moving towards Liberation, where Liberation is a final exit from the reincarnation chain without return

3 The wrong choice = not the optimal choice for the soul (roundabout way), leading to the collection of defective energies*. Extra time and energy-consuming and as a result, a human is hit by a karmic payment.

*Explanations are based on the book "Soul Choice" of L. Strelnikova, L. Seklitova.

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