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Spiritual Choice. Part II

Right Spiritual Choice 

In our God’s hierarchy, a Right Spiritual Choice is a Choice towards Light. 

One of the best samples of a Right Spiritual Choice is represented in the drama-horror movie The Rite ( 2011).

Multiple Spiritual Choices towards Light is the best-case scenario for any spiritual entity as it guarantees the least incarnations to achieve Liberation and membership in the team of Lights.

For example, a man has made Spiritual Choices towards Light during his five past lives. In the present life, he again goes for Light. As a result, he will reach extra Spiritual enlightenment, upgrade his consciousness, and get closer to the Final Exit.

Multiple Spiritual Choices towards Light and its consequences are well described in Jacklyn A. Lo's Redemption novel.

A Spiritual Choice is the biggest challenge in anybody’s life as it is tailor-made for a particular individual and couldn't copy-paste it for anyone else.

Sometimes we get only a fraction of a second to execute our Spiritual Choice and to define our future for the next several lives.

However, we can also get months and even years for the Choice and define our Spiritual Direction. In this case, we might apply to decision making and use our analytical skills and intuition besides evaluating our Spiritual Values.

Why is Spiritual Choice towards Light so hard?

The Hierarchy of God is the most demandable; therefore, requirements to get Into it are the toughest. 

For example, going to prestigious Harvard University, you need to present a great Grade Point Average and high entrance exam score. The same with entering God's Hierarchy - you have to perform well daily and make the Right Spiritual Choices on the top.

However, as anything in the physical reality, the Spiritual Choice towards Light has its own risk - Degradation. A danger of degradation can appear if a person underestimates the risks of physical reality. 

For example, a man gives his kidney to his dying wife (Compassion is a Spiritual Value of Light). The wife is recovering but leaving the man and taking his property*. Due to disability, the man, who was a sportsman, can’t continue his carrier.  Being psychologically and financially broke, he finds no use for himself and becomes an alcoholic. Alcohol and drugs shorten a life-project and continuously reduce energy potential, which has been gathered before. The man faces Degradation.

* The reason for the betrayal can be the man's similar act in one of his past lives, that is, the Law of Karma works. However, we cannot know for sure.

Wrong Spiritual Choice 

In our God’s hierarchy, a Wrong Spiritual Choice is a Choice towards Darkness. 

There are several types of souls making that Choice:

  • A young soul up to the first 10 lives

    • Young souls who do not know how to separate "the wheat from the chaff" often go astray, succumbing to the temptations of the physical world. 
    • Very often, such a soul ends up in prison. 

  • A mature soul with a direction towards Light:

    • If a mature soul striving towards the Light makes an erroneous choice to the direction of Darkness, then the Law of Karma comes into force, which allows the person to return to the error and work it out. This Choice prolongs his path to the Final Exit. Negative karma always brings suffering.
    • The Wrong Spiritual Choice and following Karma is well represented in the following films Bram Stocker’s Dracula (1992)The Machinist (2004)

  • A mature soul makes his final Spiritual Choice towards Darkness:

    • This is the last Spiritual Choice of the person. The soul might come back to the Earth or other dense world again, but without Free Will. The soul will be executing the Will of Satan.


Degradation is the worst-case scenario for Spiritual Choice. 

Degradation characterizes by the constant loss of the previously gathered energies. As a result, it leads to a spiritual being's unprofitability and, ultimately, his soul’s decoding, i.e., Spiritual Death. 

For example, a man has made Spiritual Choices towards Degradation during his four past lives. In the present fifth life, he goes for Degradation again.  As a result, after his physical death, his soul will face Spiritual Death. 

The Spiritual Death means that energy accumulations during the man's all incarnations, including minerals, animals, etc., will be permanently erased. He will die as a Spiritual Being without a right to incarnate again. The life in the identity of the man is his last one.

Typical samples of spiritual entities moving towards Degradation are people-parasites who consume what is earned by family members or society. 

Other Degradation samples are descended angels; reference film - City of Angeles (1998). 

Spiritual Values

Spiritual Choice is not easy to recognize for outsiders, as it is individually tailored for every being and based on an individual's spiritual and energetic potential. 

However, there is a common thing in all Spiritual Choices - all of them are linked to the Highest Intangible Values. Some of them are presented in Table 2.

      Table 2. Samples of Values of Lights and Darks

The Values of Lights are always opposite to Values of Darkness with one exception - Loyalty. Loyalty is a Value, which belongs to both parties - Lights and Darks.


However, their quality of Loyalty is not the same. If Lights' loyalty is based on Faith and Love, for example, Faith in God/ Creator, the Darks' loyalty is based on obeyance and fear, for example, fear of Satan.

In the novel Redemption, the protagonist, a powerful tech executive, chooses multiple Lights' Values, such as Freedom, Love, Courage, Peace, and Hope.

A Spiritual Choice as a Spiritual Test

A human with the higher energetic and spiritual potentials gets the toughest Spiritual Choice - Spiritual Test. 

For example, the Old Testament tells us about God’s test of Abraham; the New Testament describes Satan’s temptation of Jesus. 

The Great Gautama the Buddha made a tough Spiritual Choice leaving the Golden Palace with his young and beautiful wife and his baby-boy. Later on, the Demon Mara’s brought another Spiritual Test to Gautama, assaulting him by several temptations.

A Spiritual Direction towards Light is the most challenging but the most promising, as in the long run, it brings opportunities to become a Creator by yourself! 

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Spiritual Choice. Part I

Spiritual Choice_article by JAL


According to contactees with Supreme Consciousness, we live in a transition period from the fifth to the sixth race. That is an extremely challenging time since the previous era's results are summed up, and humans' destinies are decided.

A tiny group of the very best people will receive liberation from the physical world and enter the Upper realm. The best of the population (roughly a third part of the planet) will upgrade and shift to the Earth's 6th race.

The souls of people with a lowered energy and spiritual potentials will be transferred to the denser worlds of our God's Hierarchy. 10% of the Earth's total population, about 800 million people, will be decoded. Decoding of a soul means spiritual death, no return back.

There is not too much time left to correct errors and wrongdoings; therefore, we have to focus on the most efficient tools and methods to lift our own destiny.

One of the most efficient methods is Spiritual Choice.

Spiritual Choice

The Spiritual Choice is the main choice of a person or nation, which influences their destiny for a long time. The consequences of one Spiritual Choice can affect several lives of a person and the millennia of a nation.

As a Spiritual Choice is a complex “no-return” point affecting non-tangible matters, the best case to describe it is through someone’s life story in a film or a novel.

Spiritual Directions

We can say that a Spiritual Choice is a mental choice of a Spiritual Direction. 

There are two main Spiritual Directions - the path towards Darkness and the path towards Light. There is also a sub-direction - Degradation.

Spiritual Concepts

Spiritual Choice is based on several Spiritual concepts, such as Free Will, Reincarnation, and several Universal Laws - Law of Evolution, Law of Change, Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

Free Will

Free Will is the main tool to execute a Spiritual Choice. It’s given to a human for differentiating himself and defining a Spiritual Direction.

Following the latest information6, Free Will is not available for all people.  It's given to young souls living the first ten lives and to mature souls moving towards Light.  The mature souls that choose Darkness do not have Free Will anymore; therefore, they cannot exercise any choice. 

            Law of Reincarnation

Law of Reincarnation works only on the lower realms - physical worlds where our world on Earth belongs. The short lives are given to us by a purpose as shorter projects are easier to implement with fewer errors.

Law of Evolution

The Laws of Evolution and Change are the main driving forces of human evolution. The great Gautama Buddha said that nothing is permanent; everything and everyone is changing every fraction of a second.

Law of Cause and Effect

A Law of Cause and Effect helps people to understand that each doing matters. This law is always about correcting mistakes. This chance is given only to those souls who have not made the final decision to Darkness.

It works efficiently by providing practical cases to experience a wrong did which you did for another one.

Spiritual Choice vs. Daily Choice

We have to distinguish a Spiritual Choice from a daily choice and decision making. 

If we compare a daily choice with preparation for a school lesson, then decision-making would be a quarterly exam; therefore, a Spiritual Choice is a Grand Final.

The main differences between the three types of choices are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Spiritual Choice vs. Daily Choice

Explanation of Table 1.

1. A Spiritual Choice is programmed and integrated into a human life-scenario before his birth. A Spiritual Choice always has a higher energetic potential than a person itself; therefore, no one can escape it. 

The daily choice has a low energy potential; it could be easily replaced or change to another choice. For example, "What to drink? Coffee or tea?"You can choose either of these two or get juice or water instead.

2-3. A Spiritual Choice is given to a person very rare - once or twice per human life and only to a mature person with certain life achievements and experience, i.e., in adulthood.

You face a daily choice frequently, i.e., every day, several times per day.

4.  For one man, a Spiritual Choice could last only a split second, for another one - several years.  

A good example of a short duration Spiritual Choice is the film Scarface (1983). The several years'  Spiritual Choice is represented in the movie Papillon (2017).

5. Spiritual Choice provides a long-time term duration of human exposure. 

Most important, however, is the totality of Spiritual Choices. The best sample of multiple Spiritual Choices towards Light is presented in the novel Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo

6. Effect of a Spiritual Choice on the inner vibrations is more than significant.  

A Spiritual entity can dramatically upgrade its intern world by higher vibrations of Light. The amplitude of inner vibrations will dramatically increase, providing an upgrade of consciousness and following "enlightenment"—the recommended film - The Rite (2011).

A Spiritual Choice towards Darkness would bring the brutality of Darks and degradation of consciousness.

A daily choice does not affect the soul's vibrations.

7.  Once a Spiritual Choice is made, it's impossible to go back. Spiritual Choice works as a trigger for a life path, which is programmed for this choice. A nice film to check is Fearless (1993).

The number of future lifepaths is normally two-three. An average person can't see them beforehand, but some spiritually advanced people can make accurate predictions. A great film about such a person is Rasputin (1996).

A daily choice can be replaced by another one easily.

8. A Right Spiritual Choice works as a short-cut for upgrading a human consciousness, enlightenment, and liberation from the Physical Reality, i.e., Final Exit.

A daily choice doesn't make an impact on Final Exit.

9. While the number of options to choose from is limited to two-three in Spiritual Choice, the daily choice doesn't request a limitation. On the question "What shall you drink? " you can choose whether tea, coffee, hot chocolate or juice, and water.

10. A Spiritual Choice is always connected to the Highest Intangible Values. A daily choice has no attachment to the Values.

Decision making

Decision making has a higher energy potential than a daily choice but lower than a Spiritual Choice. It contains information gathering, analytical thinking, risk management, etc., and could be involved in a Spiritual Choice process.

Unlike Spiritual Choice, which is always associated with Highest Intangible Values, decision making does not have such a connection. This is a key differentiation between a Spiritual Choice and decision making. 

End of the Spiritual Choice. Part I 

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Homeland TV Series (2011–2020) – FRG Worldwide Oy

Do you know that Loyalty is the highest intangible value of both - Light and Darkness? 

Read more in Homeland movie review by Jacklyn A. Lo: Homeland TV Series (2011–2020) – FRG Worldwide Oy

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The fourth extract from the novel Redemption


Ann with her AI pal Rob

I'd like to present the fourth extract from my novel Redemption

In this discussion, Rob explains to Ann which intangible values affected her Spiritual Choices in her first two lives.


“I don’t understand it, Rob,” said Ann as she stepped out of the shower. 
“I had expected these nightmares to stop after going to the psychic. Several weeks have passed but - if anything - the dreams are more worrying than ever. It’s gotten worse instead of better.”

“That is all part of your journey, my lady,” Rob replied, looking out from the screen of the E-A device sitting by the sink. 
“Consider the Buddha’s path from the golden palace to enlightenment or Jesus’ journey through the cross to the resurrection. The greater the destination, the harder the journey must be.”

Ann considered this while drying herself with a towel. 

“I guess I can accept that,” she said eventually, “but from what I’ve seen on my two visits to the psychic, my - what did she call it? - My reincarnation chain has hardly been a series of victories. In my first life, I lost my son days after giving birth to him and ended up killing myself. And in the second I failed to save the woman I loved and died of a heart attack. I achieved nothing!”

“Nothing?” Rob raised an eyebrow at this and shook his head. 
“But, my lady, sacrifice has always been a necessary part of the greatest journey.”

Ann stopped drying her hair to look questioningly at him. “Sacrifice?”
“Of course sacrifice! Or did you think you gave up those lives without reason?”

“Well…” she continued drying her hair as she tried to think. “Maybe,” she conceded. “But I didn’t really achieve anything. I didn’t get Wu back or save Alfreda. Even if I did sacrifice myself, what was it all for?”

“Answer this then: when you were living in the Stone Age, why did you die?”

Ann shrugged as she picked up the E-A device and headed back out into the bedroom. “Because I shoved a spear through my heart.” 
She winced again at the memory that sharpened stick pushing into her body and placed a hand on her chest.

“No,” said Rob, now watching her from the bedside table. “That was how you died. I asked why.”

“Because that big murdering bastard was going to get me!” Ann jabbed crossly at the SmartHome screen on the wardrobe, selecting a red trouser suit. 

A wooden panel slipped back and the requested suit slid out on a rail.

“And what was that ‘big, murdering bastard’ going to do with you?”

“I don’t know,” she said, pulling on the underwear that had appeared through another panel. “Rape me? Beat me? Keep me as a slave wife?”

“All of the above, no doubt. So why did you decide to kill yourself?”

“Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Death has to be preferable to such a life. I died for freedom.”

“For freedom!” Rob agreed. “And what about your death as the Roman priest?”

“Egyptian priest.”


“That was just a heart attack, wasn’t it?”

Rob sighed and gave her a long meaningful look as Ann pulled on her trousers and tucked in her blouse. “Again, that was how you died. Ask yourself why.”

“Because I had been running and pushed my body too hard?”

“Okay… and why had you been running?”

“To save Alfreda’s life, to rescue the woman I loved.”

“So why did you die? For what reason?”

Ann finished buttoning up her jacket and stood up straight, suddenly realizing what Rob was getting at. “I died for love.”

“Exactly!” said Rob with a beaming smile. “You sacrificed yourself for freedom and for love. That’s good karma right there, my lady, huge steps on the path to redemption.”

Redemption?” Ann looked puzzled for a moment, trying to remember where she had heard that word recently. 

“The psychic mentioned that at the end of our last session when she was going on about reincarnation chains and other weird stuff.”

“Perhaps it would be worth talking with her again and finding out what she meant?”

“I’m not so sure, Rob,” she said, picking up the device and walking towards the front door of her apartment. “My past lives might not have been pointless, but that doesn’t change the fact that my nightmares have gotten worse since I went to see that old woman. I don’t want to risk them getting even worse!”

“That’s entirely your choice, my lady. It is your life—your journey—and only you can make that decision.”


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Why doesn't God hear?

Spiritual Father 

Our Spiritual Father is an owner and CEO of Four Physical Universes and an uncountable number of Thin Worlds*, where our planet Earth is one of the trillions of celestial bodies.

Higher Hierarch

Our Creator is a project manager Himself involving in multidimensional multi-tasking programs and moving towards his goals and objectives on speed beyond of our imaging. Every fraction of a second of His time is preplanned and organized most efficiently in the benefit of the Higher Hierarch, the Greater Being than Himself.


For turning God's attention to a much lower degree problem, such as a human's,  would mean a radical change in his speed; comparable only to the sudden stop of a spacecraft.

Does this mean that He left us here alone? 
No way!

 Heavenly Teachers

Besides providing us with physical bodies and a platform of the  Physical Reality, our Creator appointed individual supervisors for us, which some contactees** call Heavenly Teachers.

Heavenly Teachers are energetic (spiritual) entities living in the Higher World in a different dimension than we are.
They have a much higher level of consciousness than any man and not necessarily have a human origin.


Most importantly, they have much more magnificent and further vision than any of human.

Like any teacher, they benefit from the students' development and improvement and suffer damage in the event of their regression.

Subtle bodies

Usually, one teacher leads a person from the moment of fertilization of the mother's egg until the end of his physical existence and the disassembly of subtle bodies***.

Also, Heavenly Teachers' have such a high level of consciousness that we too can call him God.

However, do Heavenly Teachers hear us? 
Yes, they do!

Spiritual improvement

Can they fulfil any request? 
Theoretically - yes, practically - hardly,  as they will respond only on the petition which is in line with our spiritual improvement, but man demands something material typically.

Is communication with our Heavenly Teacher is only one-way?  No.  
In the best-case scenario, it's two-way communication. 


Heavenly Teachers also can send messages to us.  But, again, can we hear them? 

Theoretically - yes, practically - only very few of us. Unfortunately, our current level of consciousness is so low that even those who can catch and recognize a message do not necessarily interpret it correctly.

However, some people get messages from their Heavenly Teachers daily or frequently. These people are inventors, artists, entrepreneurs and even politicians! For example, one of the most exceptional engineers and futurist.
Nikola Tesla didn't hide that he had received his ideas from above. And that "above" was his Heavenly Teacher.


So, what to do that your Heavenly Teacher heard you? The answer is -  an improvement of Your consciousness.

To sum up, we live in a well-organized hierarchy of our Spiritual Father.
If we compare this hierarchy with a corporation, then our God is CEO of it.

As in any big company, General Director operates on higher or strategic tasks and duties; lower degree managers implement His vision communicating with workers on the lower levels.
The better the worker understand the message from the higher level - the better the result.

In a corporation, the quality of communication is higher with better education of the employees, in our world - with a higher consciousness. 

*Thin worlds= Intangible worlds

** Contactees: Larisa Seklitova, Ludmila Strelnikova

*** Subtle bodies = six thin bodies

This article is based on Jacklyn A. Lo’s thoughts and does not purport to be the absolute truth.

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Fighting the Virus. Defence Nasal Wash

Pic. 1. Nasal Wash Guide

Nasal Wash has been an integral part of the yoga tradition and every morning life in the Indian ashram starts with Nasal Wash. 

Typically it's done in the garden by using your personal nasal cleansing pot and the room temperature boiled water with dissolved sea salt in it. 

In this article, I introduce a more efficient recipe to cleanse the nose, a great help to stay healthy in the pandemic time. 

Defence Nasal Wash Recipe

Pic. 2 Nasal Wash Ingredients

For the Defence Nasal Wash, you need the following ingredients ( Pic.2) :

  • Room temperature water: 400ml = 1,7 US cups
  • Sea salt, 1 teaspoon
  • Tea tree oil: 4 drops
  • Hydrogen peroxide: 4 drops
  • Iodine: 4 drops
  • A glass or ceramic teapot or a glass jar
  • Neti pot


For the morning nasal wash: 

  1. *Boil the water at evening and pour around two glasses of it into a teapot or a glass jar. Add sea salt. The water will cool down during the night; the salt will be dissolved
  2. In the morning: add tea tree oil, peroxide and iodine to the water with salt. Mix well.
  3. Fill the Neti Pot with the solution.  
  4. Do Nasal Wash leaning over a sink or basin. Slowly pour the solution into the right** nostril first. The liquid will wash your nose inside, and it will get out of the left nostril. 
  5. Do the same procedure through the left nostril**.
  6. Blow your nose several times to completely remove mucus.

It's a good idea to do the nasal cleansing at least once per day, but it's useful to make it twice per day if you got a flue or your nose is stuffy.

You can make Nasal Wash even if you don't have the Nasal cleansing pot; however, this simple tool simplifies the process. You can find it online or pharmacy shop.

Why Tea Tree oil?

Tea-tree oil has luxurious antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  

Why Sea Salt?

Saltwater washes help keep the nasal passages open by washing out thick or dried mucus. This can help prevent the spread of infection to the other sinuses and reduce postnasal drip.

Why  Iodine?

Iodine is beneficial for preventing infection and treating a range of pathogens, including bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses.

Why Hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is active against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and spores.

*NOTE: The water must be boiled and cooled down

**A tip: Always start the procedure from the right nostril, then you will not get confused and make both nostrils. 

*** Supportive video  for a Nasal Wash

Stay Healthy!

Use of the recipes is the self-responsibility of the reader.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Why Liberate? Part II



Our soul is the biggest treasure for any spiritual entity as it includes all spiritual inheritance that has been collected during an uncountable number of existences. 


However, the most significant disadvantage of living in physical reality is high-risk factors for our soul. 

What are they, these factors?

the Laws

The first factor is our ignorance of the Laws of the Universe.

We live in the complex hierarchy of our Creator, which is running under these Laws.

Unfortunately, humankind's knowledge of these Laws is close to zero. Nevertheless, our ignorance does not excuse us for responsibility for what we do, and the punishment can be severe.


The second factor is our limited knowledge of yourself and especially about our psyche.

Our subconscious is massive storage with the data collected through our embodiments.

Unfortunately, as any storage, it also contains some impurities negatively affecting our psyche.  


Our trained mind must be a warrior to recognize these impurities and eliminate them; however, methods of mind control are almost unknown in Western society.

As a result, these impurities generate mental problems such as anger, anxiousness, phobias, etc.


These problems prevent people from focusing on their primary goals and yielded their life-project in full and in time, which cause a prolongation of their reincarnation chain.

Spiritual Choice

The third factor is the Wrong Spiritual Choice.

Physical reality is a platform on which the qualities of our soul are tested continuously. 

There are every-day tests, and there is a Final Test, which we have to pass once or twice in a life. 

every-day tests

We can compare these tests with the general school - we have to learn every day as well as be ready to answer to our teacher's questions; however, one day we must pass a Final Exam.

The every-days tests keep us in a shape of thinking, evaluating and learning, providing slowly but steadily spiritual growth. 


However, in the case of the choice for pointless or parasitic lifestyle, a human loses a spin of energies and faces slow but steady degradation.

The Final Spiritual Test, however, is critical, as it's a Test for our Spiritual direction and our resistance to degradation.


For example, Spiritual choice towards Light would bring enlightenment and a shortcut to Liberation. Still, it also carries a risk of degradation if due to this choice, the person can't sustain himself.


On the other hand, Spiritual Choice towards Darkness* will bring brutalization, negative karma,  suffer and a risk to drift away from the Hierarchy of God to the Hierarchy of Satan. 

The karmic payment brings a prolongation of the chain of incarnations and in addition - the risk of the next mistake.  This choice doesn't eliminate the risk of degradation as well.

Higher Spiritual Teachers

The Spiritual Test is not possible to avoid and even the Higher Spiritual Teachers supposed to go through the Test.

For example, 

Jesus was tested by Satan in the Judean wilderness; 

The demon Mara was testing Gautama the Buddha, trying to unbalance him. 

And the Old Testament tells about the Spiritual Test of Abraham, which was done by God Himself! 

Jesus, Abraham, Gautama

Jesus, Abraham, Gautama successfully passed their tests and were granted Liberation from physical reality. 

All of them continue their self-improvement and development in Thin world, a much safer place than the Earth.

* *This pattern does not apply to Spiritual entities who have already chosen Darkness as their Spiritual Direction. Having lost the right to Free Will, they strictly obey the orders of the Prince of Darkness and, therefore, do not create any Karma.