Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Monday, October 3, 2022

Did you try the Past Life Regression Meditation?

When I was working on my novel Redemption, I knew nothing about past life regression. So, in order to send my main character to past lives, I first came up with a fortune teller, who later turned into a psychic.

That was a long time ago, and I have since learned that there is a method that uses hypnosis to extract memories from past lives - past life regression. So the correct "name" of my fortune teller is a therapist :).

I also found the Past LifeRegression Meditation by Brian Weiss. Although I myself have not yet been able to look into my past, I have noticed that many people have made progress. Please find the meditation video below.

It's fun even if you fall asleep in the middle! 😉

I also found an interesting website full of information about past life regression.

Have fun! 😁

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Do angels or jinns ever appear in dreams?

The next question in Quora about angels and jinn caught my attention: 

Do angels or jinns ever appear in dreams? If so, what do they look like?

Once in my life had an I experience with a representative from what I call the " Angelic " world and once with a Demon. 

Both cases happen over 10 years ago, but I remember them very well as if they would happen yesterday.

The first case happened when I got an undeserved emotional shock and I biked from the place in a gloomy mood. In a short distance
I saw a young fair-haired man in jogging mode with a super friendly bright smile.  
I knew that district very well and nobody was ever jogging there, especially in a happy mood, but he did. It seems like a little thing, but that was a warm and full of compassion glance, which is so rare among human-to-human.

Later, I read in a book of channelers that the most inexpensive ( from an energy point of view) way to communicate with people is by sending a message whether in a dream or via a hologram that looks like a human. My guess is that this was the case.

If the touch with the angelic realm was stress-realizing and encouraging,  the "meeting" with Demon was horror.

During a certain period of my life, I was doing some energy exercises to boost my next goal achieved. 

As long as I did the exercises alone, everything went smoothly; however, the procedure was to join (remotely) a group of people , which I did eventually. Again, the exercise itself went well and I decided to get a nap.

It takes courage to describe what happened next.
I must admit that prior to this experience, I didn't think too much or take too seriously the spiritual entities of Darkness. They were too abstract for me. However, this experience changed my attitude towards them.

Most likely, this Demon entered my astral body during sleep. I did not see his appearance nor sensed his breath, but felt the strength of his hands and felt his intentions.

His hands gripped my throat so tightly that it was impossible to inhale the air. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. This went on for some time; then he unclenched his hands and I woke up.
It should be noted that I have never suffered from nightmares.

That silent message was so powerful and convincing that I quit the exercises. The demon didn't come back.

So, in conclusion.
I assume that the spiritual beings from the Subtle World will have the form that is the least expensive in terms of energy consumption, but powerful enough to achieve their goal.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Do children choose their parents?

 This is another noteworthy question on Quora

"Children claim that they chose their parents when they talk about reincarnation. If we get to choose our parents, why do some of us choose bad parents?"

© Illustration

I assume that if the choice of parents is given, then this choice is very limited. In other words, a soul may have such conditions that it chooses a lesser evil from a group of greater ones. 

We must also remember that, under the influence of the Universal Law of Karma, we have a very limited choice of a future life. For example, a student who goes to school cannot change the curriculum or teachers at school, but he might have some  limited choice of subjects to study. 

We also have to be aware, that young human souls coming from the animal world do not have any choice for the future conditions of their lives as their consciousness is very low.

Of course, the higher the consciousness, the more difficult challenges a soul can overcome, and one can choose bad parents to teach them a lesson.  However, I think this is a very rare case.

Irina Nola, past life regression therapist, explains the karmic aspect of relationships very well when answering this question.

There are a lot of reasons why a soul can chose ‘difficult” or ‘nightmarish” parents:

  • Karmic debt, karmic relationship. We see a lot of situations in past life regression when a soul who was your murderer in past life become a parent in this life. Contrary to the ‘karmic punishment” idea, karma works in mysterious ways, and somebody who killed you in a past life can be your parent in the next life - “Taking life-giving life” as balancing karma” They have to take care of you as a kid and later, typically these are really bad relationships, often abusive, and the only connection with this parent is that they killed you in a past life and paying you back by spending time and money on you, and 9 months of pregnancy and breastfeeding for a woman. 
  • There is no deep Soulmate connection here, they create your body and feed you till you can finally get the heck out of their house. They can also abuse you pretty badly as a child since these are usually very low-level souls, without a high sense of morality or empathy. In a sense - you agreed to this to help THEM to balance their karma…
  • Another ‘karmic debt” possibility (less violent) is one one soul sacrifised their life or well-being for another person - say, you shielded them with your body in some battle, or took care of them for years as a youngest daughter, who never married after taking care of her parent, basically one of you did something for another way beyond ‘fair trade” - so a karmic debt was created.

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Is the spirit world just as corrupted as the earthly realm?

Is the spirit world (afterlife) just as corrupted as the earthly realm? Why would some spiritual beings want to control other spirits and trap them in a cycle of endless unconscious incarnations? How do we break free?

This is another chain of thought-provoking questions on Quora.

The short answer to these questions is "No, the Subtle World is not corrupted." 

© Reincarnated Soul

But let's take a closer look at all these questions.

Is the spirit world (afterlife) just as corrupted as the earthly realm?

The most probably the author of the questions by spirit world means a Subtle World where a soul comes after life ending.

As far as I know, the most difficult platform for the soul is physical, i.e. the material world, where the soul comes to gain the missing energies and determine its Spiritual Direction*

You may ask why such challenges are created and why we do not have heaven on Earth. Well, these conditions are made for souls with relatively low consciousness. As consciousness grows and the soul achieves certain results that allow it to join the hierarchy of God or Satan, it passes into a higher reality in accordance with its achievements.

And the Higher World has its own principles, different from ours.

Why would some spiritual beings want to control other spirits and trap them in a cycle of endless unconscious incarnations? 

To add even more thrill, science fiction writers, myself included, use strong words and phrases such as trap to describe reincarnation.

However, we must recognize that the concept of reincarnation is an excellent tool for human development.

If you have worked as a project manager or at least participated in some projects, then most likely you have noticed that the shorter the project, the more effective it is and the easier it is to meet deadlines.

The same idea with the project of our life - dividing a long stretch of the path into several lives gives better results.

In addition, more lives provide variety that cannot be achieved in one. For example, the same soul experiences in different genders, countries, conditions of existence, and even on different planets.

For example, in my novel Redemption, the soul of my main character, a high-tech executive living on Earth 2045, previously lived in the Nameless Country, France, Italy, and Russia, incarnating mostly as a woman, but also as a man. 

In fact, we are not trapped by spiritual beings or the concept of reincarnation, but by our own imperfection.
As soon as we collect all the necessary energies into the matrix of our souls and make the final Spiritual Choice of our Spiritual Direction - towards Light or Darkness, the need to return to the physical world, i.e. reincarnation, will disappear.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Why War? Part IX/ B

We learned that, having blackened his soul, Mr. Putin made two Spiritual Choices in favor of Darkness, and Satan rewarded him with money and power.

You might think that the CEO of Darkness is a nice and generous guy. But is it really so? 

This is far from true, as Satan is a main representative of the Values of Darkness, and his main goal is to enslave as many souls as possible.



The main goal of Satan is to get a soul into his complete submission, i.e. make it a slave. One or two Spiritual Choices are not enough for this.

Therefore, Satan throws more and more baits to make a deal in which a person gives up his Free Will.

Addiction to Magic

Recently, Pu has shown great interest in magic

According to rumors, he not only regularly travels to Siberia to take part in occult rituals with sacrifices, but also sincerely believes in the predictions made to him by shamans.

In the beginning of the year 2022 shamans had promised him: 

This promise sounds extremely tempting to someone with inflated pride.

Fig 1. Pu's addiction to Satan's hooks.

Isn't the subjugation of supernatural forces what Pu gave up his Free Will to Satan for?

As Loss of Free Will means Full dependency from Satan.

And the loss of Free Will means that All Decision Making is given away to Satan.

Addicted to money, power and magic, Pu, having no Will of his own, moves into Darkness, dragging a country of 140 million with him.

Fig. 2 Loss of Free Will by Pu


Since the entire decision-making process is outsourced to Satan, the CEO of Darkness must also equip His servant with ideas.

Since new ideas are very expensive, and Satan is extremely stingy, he tosses Mr. Pu with the second-hand things of his former servants.

He especially mocks those who, puffed up with their own pride, consume with great appetite everything that Satan throws at them.

Satan's Second-hand 

Among other things:

  • Stalin's second-hand: the main message of Pu - the liberation of Ukraine from the "fascists" echoes the calls of the dictator Stalin for the liberation of the oppressed people of Finland (the wars of 1939/1941);

Symbols of Evil

If the evil Stalin had a utopian ideal of the victory of the working people over the bourgeoisie, he was worthy of a unique symbol - the hammer and sickle.  


And the evil Hitler, fighting for the prosperity of the Aryan (German) race, deserved from Satan a hooked cross-swastika.


Z & V

And which symbol Mr. Pu deserve?

It looks like he didn't deserve anything else than just one of the letters from Latin alphabets, i.e. letter Z, given to him by Satan as a joke - Zombie ;).


Because the Zombie (Pu) remains under the control of the Sorcerer (Satan) as a personal slave with NO WILL of its own!

And the letter V, you ask?  


Well, if Z is for Zombie, then the letter V is for Voodoowhich confirms Pu's addiction to black magic and a keen interest in Africa.

Artificial Soul 

Driven by great pride, Satan himself is constantly seeking a competitive advantage over God.

His main dream of him is an Artificial Soul and all his loyal servants are in constant search for it digging out Artificial Intelligence as an initial source. And Mr. Pu is no exception.

Is the world in the greatest danger?

So, you may be asking, "If Satan commands Putin, does that mean the world is in the greatest danger?"

Well, yes and no, as our future depend on us or on our Spiritual Choice.


Multiple Spiritual Choices of Mr. Pu towards Darkness: 

1. Choice for  Money

2. Choice for Power

3. Choice for Magic

Pu's final Spiritual Choice towards Darkness led to the Loss of Free Will and Complete dependence on Satan.

The metaphysical realm

The metaphysical realm is like the hidden part of an iceberg—we believe it exists, but we cannot see it.

And only the Higher Ones with their perfect vision can see the “true” picture of the metaphysical realm and draw their final conclusions.

However, for our part, we can estimate the hidden part by making metaphysical analysis based on available data and drawing conclusions.

Learn more about :


The delay in publishing part B of the article was due to the fact that I received disguised calls with "silence" after the publication of part A.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

What was it like for the people who sold their souls, and what did they gain from it?

This is another fascinating soul question on Quora.

Soul selling is a simplified name for the complex process of transferring Free Will from a person to Satan*.

The process of selling the soul is well described by a number of authors, including Goethe in the tragic play "Faust";


Oscar Wilde, in his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the film "Dorian Gray" 

The Picture of Dorian Gray

and me, in the novella Tomo and The Soul Catchers, which became a base for the screenplay Heaven**.

Tomo and The Soul Catchers

In each of these cases, Satan is ready to satisfy any desire of the victim in exchange for his/her soul.

For example, due to such a deal, Faust got limitless knowledge, Dorian - eternal youth, and Cora - seductive beauty.

So, in principle, we can say that these guys got what they wanted from earthly pleasures. However, is everything so simple? Or are there side effects?

Yes, they are.

The soul becomes a slave of the Head of Darkness*, losing its own "voice", the freedom of further choice and decision-making.

The good news is that the soul will not be punished for its "bad deeds", meaning it avoids karma. On the other hand, it will forever lose the opportunity to become the Creator, "produce" souls, and the opportunity to become "first", since Satan (which the soul eventually become) is always "second" to God.

Also, for a short time, the soul avoids Degradation and the risk of spiritual death for the loss of energy. On the other hand, it will run the risk of spiritual death as a punishment for cruelty.

A young soul might say, "I enjoy earthly pleasures, I hate making decisions and don't like karma at all, so this might be great for me." But in fact, Satan's "kindness" is a well-disguised evil, and in all of the stories listed, the protagonist encounters side effects shortly after the deal and is deeply disappointed in what he/she has done.

After the soul's Earthly existence, Satan will continue to “work” on it sending it to study or labor in the hardened worlds to achieve the energies and goals that He wants.

The soul will not have the opportunity to choose a planet, body, etc., and the habitat and shell of the body can be really terrible.

One way or another, the process of selling the soul or the temptations of Satan stretches over hundreds or even thousands of incarnations and does not necessarily end with a deal, since the majority of souls still choose the direction to the Light, leaving Satan empty-handed. This case of Satan chasing the soul for five incarnations, is well described by me in the screenplay Redemption**, based on my novel Redemption.

novel Redemption


*Satan = Head of Darkness

** We are looking for an experienced producer and director

Sunday, August 7, 2022

How does real-life karma work, and why does it affect some people but not others?

This is another major lighting theme that appeared on Quora.

Why is it important? Because some young souls may mistakenly think that everything is permitted and that there is no punishment for crimes.

So how does karma work in real life and why does it affect some people but not others? 

Short answer

Karma only works for souls with Free Will.  

Karma does not work for souls without Free Will.


Longer answer

All young souls incarnating in a human body receive a precious gift from our Creator — Free Will.

Free Will

Having this gift, they can choose the Spiritual Direction of their movement - towards Light2 or towards Darkness3. There is also a sub-direction - Degradation, which is the worst case scenario and should be avoided.

The Universal Law of Karma (karma for short), like any Law, helps people correct their mistakes and move on.

Because most young souls are unwilling to study voluntarily, they are forced into what we would call punishment.

If the soul does not learn well and continues to make the same mistakes, the punishment will be tougher. At the same time, by the Universal Laws of Change and Evolution, it will be given the Choice of a further direction towards Light or Darkness.

In the case of the Choice of Light, which is more challenging than the Choice of Darkness, the soul will receive a renewal of its consciousness and "automatically" gain an understanding of what has been done wrong in the past. In other words, the person will receive a vision to voluntarily correct his/her mistakes.

Brad Anderson in his movie The Machinist (2004) skillfully described the mechanism of karma for a soul moving towards Light. Find my review of the movie.

 © Wikipedia

However, in the case, if the soul will choose a direction toward Darkness, its consciousness will be brutalized and it will continue to develop its bad doings further, i.e. will become more skillful in "bad" deeds.

The Head of Darkness, Satan, is especially attentive to all those who have a tendency to constantly choose Darkness. Satan is the direct beneficiary of the soul's choice in favor of Darkness, as it receives a potential member of its Hierarchy.

But how practically Satan will drag the soul into His pool?

To catch the prey tightly Satan drops some earthly treasures in front of his prey. At this stage, the goal of the Head of Darkness is to make the soul become addicted. Whether, it's drugs, money, power, sex, etc. Everything goes.

However, even with the number of addictions, but with Free Will in hand, the person still has a chance to turn to the Light. Therefore, Satan's goal is to take this Will away from the soul.

At some point, a strongly addicted soul becomes so weak that it is unable to resist the next temptation of Satan and gives up its Free Will for the sake of another treasure. Now, this soul is fully belongs to Satan and Satan's Will.

The soul still keeps its personality, but feels, that a "someone" or "something" beyond his own intentions pushes him/ her for doings.

As the soul doesn't have its own Will and follows orders of Satan it doesn't have any Karma anymore. 

Therefore, from the outside it seems that the person who does evil to another does not bear any punishment.

Another group of souls without affect by karma are mature souls - missionaries. They made their Final Choice towards Darkness long time ago. They incarnate in the materialistic worlds like our Earth on the order of Satan. They move in the physical reality fast, without hesitation and thinking.


1. Karma works for souls moving towards Light, i.e. having Free Will. If they make a mistake they have to fix it

2. Karma doesn't work for souls that made their final Spiritual Choice towards Darkness, i.e. who lost Free Will. As the soul doesn't make any decisions, there is no punishment for its doings.


1. Creator1   - God, Head of Lights

2. Spiritual Direction towards Light2   - the Direction of following Values of Lights












3. Spiritual Direction towards Darkness3  - the Direction of following Values of Darkness