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Why War? Part VIII

Yeltsin's Spiritual Directions and his Choice for Putin

The Process of Degradation* that began under Brezhnev is slowly but steadily leading to the disintegration of the Eastern Bloc first and then spread to the USSR itself. 

In 1991, fifteen independent states are formed, one of which is Russia. The new leader Boris Yeltsin becomes the president of Russia and removes Mikhail Gorbachev from the leading position.

*Degradation from spiritual point of view is the process of loss of previously accumulated energies

Fig 1. B. Yeltsin's Spiritual Directions

Direction to Light

Victory over Communism

Yeltsin's greatest achievement as a Russian leader is his ultimate victory over the dictatorship of Communism**, which was lasting for almost 75 years.

A communist by right, Yeltsin criticizes the leadership of the Communist Party and cancels his membership in the party. That is an act of unheard of Courage and Honesty in his time (1990) and gives Hope to many.

He significantly shakes the Faith in Communism and destructs cult of the party elite, that have been violating the first two Commandments of God among several generations.


By giving Freedom for Conscience (including a freedom of religion and thought), Yeltsin softens the country's karma which results in a new, democratic constitution, significantly improving the Human Rights of ordinary citizens.

Another significant Yeltsin's step towards Light was replacement a Command Economy (without freedom and choice)  with a Free ( Market) one.


Also Yeltsin signs a breakthrough arms-reduction agreement with President of USA George H.W. Bush ( Peace = Value of Lights).

B. Yeltsin as a representative of the following  Values of Lights:

Human Rights

Direction to Darkness

However, there are also some economical and political challenges which B. Yeltsin could handle much better. 

Among of them:

  • Problems with the control of freedom, for example in the economy, leading to Chaos 
  • As a result of the Chaos, Yeltsin provides Russians with misleading information about the non-devaluation of the ruble in 1998, i.e. he Lies
  • The War in Chechnya, which fights for sovereignty, i.e. for Freedom (= Value of Light)
  • As a result of the war - the assassination of the president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria  D. Dudayev, who Hopes for Peace and Freedom for his people

As we know Chaos, Lie, War are Values of Darkness, bringing a Negative Karma to anyone who created them.

Karmic Aspect


Chaos in the economy brings instability to Yeltsin himself and his Family, making them dependent on others, including V. Putin.


The Lie leads to a sharp loss of Yeltsin's popularity among ordinary Russians who have lost all their savings. This results to a political crisis as Yeltsin, with domestic support evaporating, has to contend with an emboldened opposition in parliament.


The first unjust war in Chechnya brings with it a second round of hostilities with thousands of dead and wounded, including Russian soldiers and the rise of the Dark Ones in Chechnya.




Whether we love democracy and those who is able to bring into the world we must recognize that any personal weakness of a leader is a huge obstacle for a Choice towards Light not only for himself, but also for his country.


According to public information, B. Yeltsin had some attachments - to alcohol, family and, possibly, to power. These predilections could force him to bring a successor more convenient for himself, but not for the Russian people, to whom he wanted to give, but did not give the desired democracy.


Deteriorating health and lack of due diligence* were additional factors for the transfer of power in Russia to a man like Vladimir Putin.

*Young Putin served in the 5th Directorate of the KGB - to combat dissent, including religion, which is a contradiction to Freedom of Conscious, which Yeltsin was fighting for.


  • Yeltsin liberates Russia from Faith in Communism and cleanses the country's negative karma
  • Under his leadership, the Russians receive Hope for the continuation of the movement towards the Light.
  • Due to attachments and illnesses Yeltsin takes several big steps towards Darkness
  • The created negative karma hits Yeltsin personally, providing dependence on others, which brings such a successor as V. Putin.

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Why War? Part VII

When a spiritual being, including a country, constantly accumulates Dark Energies and cannot make the right Choice towards Light, the Higher Ones can give it a program of Degradation1


In the hands of the Highest, Degradation is a tool for clearing accumulated harmful energies.

So, in 1964, Nikita Khrushchev is replaced by the new leader of Russia (USSR) Leonid Brezhnev, who has all the prerequisites to implement the Degradation plan.

Fig 1. L. I. Brezhnev. Period of Degradation 


Brezhnev begins his regime with the mass production of nuclear and other  weapons, costing the Soviet economy dearly.

At the same time, any entrepreneurship, initiative in the economy or other areas are severely punished. Violators are punished either in prison or in a psychiatric hospital (injustice, slavery are the values of the Darks). 

No Choice 

The planned from above economy2 itself with fixed prices and an information vacuum is a "No Choice" feature of Darks. 

Lack of motivation and incentives moves people into such workplaces where they can steal (i.e. catering, trade). The value of honest work is declining. The Commandment of God "Thou shalt not steal" is violated on the country level.

Values of Darks

In addition, in 1968 the Russia (USSR) carries out an invasion of Czechoslovakia to suppress human rights and freedom (inhumanity and slavery = values of Darks) and starts a costly war in Afghanistan in 1969 (war = value of Darks).

Faith in communism

At the same time the government elite strongly promotes Faith in Communism along with the worship of Lenin and the cult of Brezhnev (violation of the 1st and 2nd commandments and dedicated karma for it).


Brezhnev also uses the sale of alcohol as a source of government revenue.  Drunkenness becomes a serious social problem hitting the quality of goods produced.

Stagnant processes lead to a slow but steady loss of previously accumulated energies. Degradation affects the country's economy badly generating the shortage of all products, including essential goods. 


Addicted to glory3 and autocracy L. Brezhnev becomes the prefect executor of the Highest plan. Old and ill he drags on his role until the very end of his life (1982).

Fig 2. Brezhnev's addictions


1 The process of Degradation is well described in the books of contactees L. Seklitova, L. Strelnikova

Everything was planned from above, there was little that could be done from the level of the household, the individual worker, or the enterprise.  This killed the initiative from below, and the planned nature of the system brought the situation to the point of absurdity: for example, in the light industry, to make minimal changes in the design of clothes, it took an extremely long time to coordinate them in different instances.

Brezhnev's first desire as a future "leader" was that the entire party elite should stand up when he enters the hall 😉.

M. Gorbachev

The average age of the government elite in this era is about 70 years old.  Sick and old successors of Brezhnev fall ill and die one after another, clearing a place for relatively young Mikhail Gorbachev

Having become a leader of Russia ( USSR) in 1985 Gorbachev set a new challenge for the country - the Spiritual Direction towards Light.

Fig 3. M. Gorbachev's Spiritual Choice 

As we learned earlier, the Spiritual Choice towards the Light is the most difficult choice. Therefore, oil prices on the world market are falling, which further weakens the Russian economy.


The leader of the country Gorbachev is able to establish the main Value of Light - FREEDOM

Russians get the opportunity to travel abroad, open a business, publish and read books that have been banned for almost 70 years.

As a real pacifist Gorbachev also gives political freedom to the Eastern Bloc of countries.


A new vocabulary has been created: GLASTNOST (Freedom of Speech) and PERESTROYKA (reconstruction).

Negative Karma 

However, the new leader still violates the 1st Commandment of God, keeping the Faith in communism, which continues to generate negative karma to country.

Command Economy

Another problem is that Gorbachev is in no hurry to change the command economy ( a feature of Darkness) to the market economy (a feature of Light). Half-hearted measures impede rapid economic growth.

Eastern Bloc

As the Russian economy continues to decline, financial assistance to the countries of the Eastern Bloc ends, causing the bloc itself to collapse. Most likely, this is a continuation of the degradation process that began a generation ago.


  • Guided by compassion, the Higher Ones gives the USSR a Degradation program for cleaning from Dark Energies
  • L. Brezhnev, obsessed with glory and autocracy, is an excellent executor of this plan
  • After 21 years of forced cleansing, the USSR finally gets a chance to head for the Light by the leadership of M. Gorbachev
  • The ongoing process of degradation of the USSR and the freedom granted destroy Communist regimes in Eastern Bloc

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Why War? Part VI

The Holy Bible says: 

1. You shall have no gods before me
2. You shall make no idols
3. Honor your mother and farther
4. You shall not murder
5. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

Ten Commandments

Joseph Jughashvili (Stalin)  immediately violated Five Commandments out of Ten  when he came to power in the USSR  in 1924.

 A banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin

Stalin's commandments

1. Stalin replaced faith in God with faith in communism

2. Turned Lenin into an idol and generate cult of own personality

Berlin 1951 

3. Encouraged children to denounce parents

4. Forced people to bear false witnesses;

5. Carried out constant purges with mass executions of people.


For 30 years, Russia (USSR) paid with karma for joining the First World War, while accumulating a new one for violating the Commandments.

"You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments."

Along with the Spiritual Choice towards Darkness made by Tsar Nicholas, the violation of the Commandments of God gave rise to heavy negative karma that tormented the Russian people for almost 30 years - until the death of J. Stalin in 1953.


The next leader of Russia (USSR), N. Khrushchev, admits the grossest mistakes in the creation of the cult of Stalin, repressions and purges.

Times Magazine 

The mummy of Stalin is taken out of the Mausoleum, the streets are renamed and the city Stalingrad becomes Volgograd.

repentance for sins

Khrushchev's repentance for sins greatly softens the karma of the country*. The USSR is slowly but steadily beginning to emerge from Darkness into Light.

However, this transformation does not bring everything that should have been done: neither Faith in God, nor deliverance from the idol of Lenin, one-party system and autocracy.

The new leader has the intention to move towards the Light, but in fact carries a mixture of Values. Here are freedom of speech and persecution of artists, improved living conditions and crop failures, friendship with the West and military intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.

you shall not murder

In 1956 one of the main Commandments was broken - "You shall not murder". The Soviet Army killed  2,500 Hungarians who fought for the weakening of communist control and the observance of human rights.    

Cruelty and inhumanity in the war against Freedom in a sovereign country (against Free Will) brings despair to people (despair = Value of Darks).


With a three-year education ( low energetic potential), Khrushchev autocratically makes important economic and political decisions. The consequences of these mistakes give rise to instability and chaos in the country (Values of Darks).

injustice and despair  

But probably the biggest damage to movement towards the Light  becomes the execution of desperate workers in Novocherkassk (1962) who wanted to improve their plight.

In addition to being unfair, this action of ruling elite was contrary to the idea of Marxism-Leninism itself with the dictatorship of the proletariat, which was the main engine of the struggle of several generations of revolutionaries. 

This inhuman act of the Khrushchev regime shakes faith in Soviet power and Communism and drives the workers to even deeper despair ( = Value of Darks). 

People were left both without faith in God and faith in communism.


  • Russia suffered for the Spiritual Choice towards Darkness in 1914 until 1953
  • During the regime of the Darks, the country accumulated new karma for violating several of God's Commandments
  • The new leader N. Khrushchev turned Russia towards the Light by publicly repenting of the sins of the country's leadership (Stalin)
  • Repentance brought relief to the karma of the people, but not all sins were recognized
  • Due to the low energy potential and autocracy, Khrushchev was not able  consistently follow the Values ​​of Light 
  • At the end of the Khrushchev regime, some of the Values ​​of Darkness were returned 

Discover Spiritual Choices towards Lights in the novel Redemption.
Find more about Spiritual choice towards Darkness in screenplay  Heaven.

* God will forgive a repentant sinner “seventy-times-seven times” (i.e., a limitless number).

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Why War? Part V

The Spiritual Choice of a country (nation) is the most fascinating because we can trace the consequences of the Choice on the historical timeline. 

spiritual direction

As for the Higher Powers, a Spiritual Choice of the country is an effective tool for checking the spiritual orientation of a significant number of people.

Just as with the Spiritual Choice of one person, the country must choose one of the Spiritual Directions - the Direction to Light or the Direction to Darkness. Degradation, as a sub-path, exists as a worst-case scenario and should be avoided.

leader as a key decision maker

A key decision maker of the Spiritual Direction is a leader of the country.    

The duration of the Spiritual Choice, as in the case of a person, is unpredictable and can sometimes reach several years.

In this part of the article "Why War?" we will take a look at Spiritual choice of Russia, which happened about hundred years ago (illustration 1).

Illustration 1.

To simplify the analysis, we shall skip the "Degradation" sub-direction.


So, first of all, we must understand that before each Spiritual Choice, the Higher Ones design programs for both Directions, i.e. Light and Darkness.

This work is carried out in the form of holograms, on a subtle plane, accessible only to a clairvoyant.

spiritual strength

We must also realize that the Choice towards Light is much more difficult than the Choice towards Darkness, and requires a certain Spiritual strength of the leader.

beginning of the 20th century

So, let's plunge into the beginning of the 20th century, when Russia was an empire with a population of 200 million.

In July 1914, the ruler of the Russian Empire, Tsar Nicholas II, must decide whether his country will enter the Serbia - Austria-Hungary war or not.

Russian prophet

Two years earlier, the Russian prophet Grigory Rasputin dissuades the tsar from entering the war in the Balkans.

However, now the seriously wounded Grigory is in the hospital and does not have the opportunity to personally talk with the tsar.


As a clairvoyant, Rasputin sees both programmed holograms based on the tsar's future Spiritual Choice - without war (Choice to Light) or entry into war (Choice of Darkness). He tries to convey his vision to the tsar, but fails - driven by false pride, the Russian leader decides to mobilize the Russian army.

Find more about Grigory Rasputin in the article "Grigory Rasputin - Light or Dark?"


All predictions of Grigory came true.

As a result of the Tsar's Spiritual Choice towards Darkness, Grigory was brutally murdered, the royal family, along with his relatives, were killed, and Russia fell under the control of the Dark Ones with their representatives - V. Uljanov-Lenin and J. Dzhugashvili-Stalin

law of karma 

Despite the fact that there were armed forces that opposed the Bolsheviks, the Law of Karma ("God's Wrath" by Grigory Rasputin) allowed the Darks to seize power in Russia and occupy the entire country. 

Millions of souls turned to the values of Darkness.



However, what would be the alternative future of Russia if Nicholas II made the opposite choice?  You can find it in the "The Tsar's Choice" Screenplay on Smashwords! 😀

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Why War? Part IV

In Part IV, we will look at what will happen to Free Will if a spiritual entity constantly chooses Darkness, as well as who and how tests and tempts us and why.

Free Will

free will as a key for freedom

As we learned in Part III, Free Will is given as a gift that allows us to enjoy individuality and freedom.

However, do we have any obligations to Our Spiritual Father who gave us this gift? The answer is Yes and No

Let's deal with this.

free will and spiritual direction

A  Spiritual entity moves towards the Light

In the event that the spiritual entity moves more or less towards the Light, Free Will remains with it until the final exit1 from the physical world.

B.  Spiritual entity moves towards the Darkness

However, if the spiritual entity repeatedly makes  Spiritual Choices towards Darkness and crosses the point of no return2, Free Will is taken away ( illustration 1).

Illustration 1.

The logic of this step is simple - if you follow the 
Values of Darkness, where SLAVERY is the main value, you do not deserve freedom, which is given by Free Will.



selling soul to satan

The loss of Free Will is often compared to selling the soul to Satan, since the soul, which originally belonged to God, consciously or subconsciously choosing the priorities of Darkness and rejecting the values of Light, becomes a SLAVE of SATAN.

The process of giving away his Free Will is the last will of man.

who tests and tempts us

But who is interested in depriving a person of Free Will and why?

As we already mentioned, the most interested party is the CEO of Darkness - Satan. Having taken away a person's Free will, Satan  replaces his will with OWN WILL and subjugates the man to himself

loss of control

The man can no longer control his own decision.

From the point of view of outsiders, it looks like the person has acquired an irrational pattern of behavior.
This can be compared to how a person drives a car to a certain place and knows the route well, but suddenly he makes an unexpected turn in an unnecessary direction, not understanding why he is doing it.

beneficiary of free will loss

Satan is the direct beneficiary of man's renunciation of free will.
He not only becomes the full owner of the soul which loss Free Will, but now he can use this soul as His own when and where he wants it.

satan's tools and tricks

In order to lure more and more people into his bondage, Satan has developed a number of seductive tools to help him achieve his goals ( Illustration 2.).

Illustration 2.

sex,  money, drugs, power

Tools such as sex, money, drugs, power, etc. help Satan test and tempt people. Very often He affects a person through his arrogance and false pride.

The first step for Satan is to hook a person on one of His tools, and then on to the next one. 

human pride

Human pride is a premise to become hooked by Satan. 

Making a person more and more dependent, Satan forces him to step over the values of Light, delving into the Values of Darks.  As a result of this process, a person makes a Spiritual Choice towards Darkness, not realizing the danger of this step.

Find the Spiritual Choice towards Darkness, its consequences and the role of Satan in the screenplay "Heaven".


  • Free will is a gift given to us by our Spiritual Father (CEO of Light). 
  • We can exercise Free Will as long as we move more or less towards the Light.
  • Once Spiritual entity has made its Ultimate choice in favor of Darkness, free will is taken away and replaced by the will of Satan, the CEO of Darkness.
  • Satan is the direct beneficiary of the loss of man's free will, because in this case he can lead man to where He wants
  • Therefore, Satan has developed some tools to push man to make a Spiritual choice towards Darkness.

Final Exit - is a liberation from the physical world, no return.
Point of no return - a point of the Final choice towards Darkness

Spiritual Choice concerns not only an individual, but also a group of people and even a nation.
In Part V we will look at the Spiritual Choice towards Darkness by the Russian ruler Nicholas II in 1914.

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Why War? Part III

We must understand that the souls of the "Treasury Fund" having a higher consciousness see all flaws and imperfectly of the physical reality and truly want to improve our world

Illustration 1.


But, in order to develop their ideas or implement a project,  the Artists need money, at least to cover the cost of dwelling and food.
So, some of them find part-time jobs, which are normally low-paid manual labor ( migration A).  

low consciousness

In this process, the sophisticated souls face the primitiveness of the low consciousness and suffer. Many can't stand and give up the development of their own ideas. 

They go to learn a profession that could provide them with a predictable monthly income ( migration B).

physical world

Understanding the primitiveness and falsity of most of the knowledge of the physical world, the souls of higher consciousness rarely enter the magistracy or doctoral studies (migration C).

Those souls who lost their hope get depressed and end up in a mental hospital and in the worse case commit suicide (migration D).

life project

The interruption of a life project by premature death is harmful not only for the soul itself but also for the Higher Ones since they invest a lot of resources both for the incarnation of the soul and for maintaining it on Earth. 

A return on Their investment runs in minus and They start questioning the practicability of Their project on our planet.

high-quality energies

Someone might say, “I don't believe it's that bad. There must be other ways to make high-quality energies, not only through the daily energies of sophisticated souls of Treasury Fund.” 

Well, that's partly true. And now we come to another significant point - Spiritual Choice.


To be able to make any choice, including spiritual choices, you must have free will.

Free Will

free will

Free will is given by our Spiritual Father to a soul at its first incarnation, i.e. to a young soul entering the human world from the animal kingdom ( illustration 1).

Illustration 1.

Heavenly programmers

This gift of free will is quite expensive for our God because instead of one direct program, Heavenly programmers need to make three - according to the number of directions of choice - a choice to Light, Darkness, and Degradation.


God goes to this extra expense because He wants to see us as diverse and individual

Spiritual Choice

Spiritual Choice plays the main role in the diversification of our souls.

Illustration 2.

spiritual directions

At the moment of a Spiritual Choice a person faces two main spiritual directions - towards Light and Darkness ( illustration 1).  Degradation is a sub-direction and this is the worse case scenario for any soul.

spiritual test

Spiritual Choice is a spiritual test for any person or group of people. The size of a group can be as big as a nation. 


The guideline for spiritual choice is always a set of VALUESThe values of Darkness are opposite to the values of Light. 

negative karma

Making a conscious choice towards the values of Darkness, a spiritual entity* acquires negative karma.  As a result, it receives a program and a guide from the Dark Ones, which brings suffering

Light Ones

In the event that the spiritual entity works off mistakes (the negative karma), the leader from the Dark Ones is replaced by the leader from the Light Ones, who introduces into her existence the values of Light and prosperity.   






who tests us  

In Part IV we will consider what will happen to Free Will if a spiritual entity constantly chooses  Darkness, and also who tests and tempts us and why.