Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) – FRG Worldwide Oy

Do you know that Spiritual Choice towards Darkness will increase the negative part of your soul? 

Read more in the Dracula movie review by Jacklyn A. Lo: 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Why reincarnate?

While the East, such as India, believes in n reincarnationthe Western world is still oriented towards the concept of one life.
But what if we shall assume that reincarnation exists? What good is this for us?

We are all under the Universal Law of Evolution. That law pushes us to evolute not only by our physical bodies but also by spiritually.

And the chain of lives helps our spiritual beings to slowly but steadily evolute and grow.
But what should we work on to evolve? 

There are four main goals to brings us back to physical reality:

1. To increase our Energetic potential

2. To define our Spiritual orientation

3. To gain some Individual skills and qualities, i.e. Individuality

4. To pay for the collected Karma, that is, work on the bugs.

Energetic potential

You won't be able to survive in the Thin world without a proper energetic potential. You have to earn energy enough to survive by yourself and also be capable honestly of paying into a shared pool.

How to gain a higher Energetic potential?

A. Doing any work. Any work will increase your energy potential whether it's physical, intellectual or spiritual
B. Defining and reaching a Goal will bring you an upgrade your energy potential

Check the Spiritual Movies with Goal and Energy

Spiritual orientation 

One of the trickiest reasons for our incarnations is to define our spiritual orientation.
They are two main spiritual directions - to Light and Darkness and one sub direction - degradation. 

How to define a Spiritual orientation?

A: Observation of your values
B: Choosing a spiritual direction
C. Making a Spiritual Choice based on your conclusions ( above), analysis of your situation, intuition 

To be Individual is one of the biggest challenges for any of human. It's much easier to follow a crowd and doing copy-paste movement than to develop your ideas and to be an independent thinker.

How to gain Individuality?

The first step towards Individuality is to ask yourself "Who am I?"


Karma is needed to gain an understanding that doing wrong for someone else would bring you personal suffering. 

Just like in school, work on mistakes is raising a level of the knowledge and grades, so in life, we have to work on life situations to understand what is right and what is wrong and as a reward to achieve an upgrade of our consciousness. 

How to avoid Karma?

Before any action, ask yourself if you want to be treated the same way you relate to another.

Reincarnation in novels

Redemption, Jacklyn A. Lo

This article is based on Jacklyn A. Lo’s thoughts and does not purport to be the absolute truth.