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Spiritual Choice. Part I

Spiritual Choice_article by JAL


According to contactees with Supreme Consciousness, we live in a transition period from the fifth to the sixth race. That is an extremely challenging time since the previous era's results are summed up, and humans' destinies are decided.

A tiny group of the very best people will receive liberation from the physical world and enter the Upper realm. The best of the population (roughly a third part of the planet) will upgrade and shift to the Earth's 6th race.

The souls of people with a lowered energy and spiritual potentials will be transferred to the denser worlds of our God's Hierarchy. 10% of the Earth's total population, about 800 million people, will be decoded. Decoding of a soul means spiritual death, no return back.

There is not too much time left to correct errors and wrongdoings; therefore, we have to focus on the most efficient tools and methods to lift our own destiny.

One of the most efficient methods is Spiritual Choice.

Spiritual Choice

The Spiritual Choice is the main choice of a person or nation, which influences their destiny for a long time. The consequences of one Spiritual Choice can affect several lives of a person and the millennia of a nation.

As a Spiritual Choice is a complex “no-return” point affecting non-tangible matters, the best case to describe it is through someone’s life story in a film or a novel.

Spiritual Directions

We can say that a Spiritual Choice is a mental choice of a Spiritual Direction. 

There are two main Spiritual Directions - the path towards Darkness and the path towards Light. There is also a sub-direction - Degradation.

Spiritual Concepts

Spiritual Choice is based on several Spiritual concepts, such as Free Will, Reincarnation, and several Universal Laws - Law of Evolution, Law of Change, Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).

Free Will

Free Will is the main tool to execute a Spiritual Choice. It’s given to a human for differentiating himself and defining a Spiritual Direction.

Following the latest information6, Free Will is not available for all people.  It's given to young souls living the first ten lives and to mature souls moving towards Light.  The mature souls that choose Darkness do not have Free Will anymore; therefore, they cannot exercise any choice. 

            Law of Reincarnation

Law of Reincarnation works only on the lower realms - physical worlds where our world on Earth belongs. The short lives are given to us by a purpose as shorter projects are easier to implement with fewer errors.

Law of Evolution

The Laws of Evolution and Change are the main driving forces of human evolution. The great Gautama Buddha said that nothing is permanent; everything and everyone is changing every fraction of a second.

Law of Cause and Effect

A Law of Cause and Effect helps people to understand that each doing matters. This law is always about correcting mistakes. This chance is given only to those souls who have not made the final decision to Darkness.

It works efficiently by providing practical cases to experience a wrong did which you did for another one.

Spiritual Choice vs. Daily Choice

We have to distinguish a Spiritual Choice from a daily choice and decision making. 

If we compare a daily choice with preparation for a school lesson, then decision-making would be a quarterly exam; therefore, a Spiritual Choice is a Grand Final.

The main differences between the three types of choices are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Spiritual Choice vs. Daily Choice

Explanation of Table 1.

1. A Spiritual Choice is programmed and integrated into a human life-scenario before his birth. A Spiritual Choice always has a higher energetic potential than a person itself; therefore, no one can escape it. 

The daily choice has a low energy potential; it could be easily replaced or change to another choice. For example, "What to drink? Coffee or tea?"You can choose either of these two or get juice or water instead.

2-3. A Spiritual Choice is given to a person very rare - once or twice per human life and only to a mature person with certain life achievements and experience, i.e., in adulthood.

You face a daily choice frequently, i.e., every day, several times per day.

4.  For one man, a Spiritual Choice could last only a split second, for another one - several years.  

A good example of a short duration Spiritual Choice is the film Scarface (1983). The several years'  Spiritual Choice is represented in the movie Papillon (2017).

5. Spiritual Choice provides a long-time term duration of human exposure. 

Most important, however, is the totality of Spiritual Choices. The best sample of multiple Spiritual Choices towards Light is presented in the novel Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo

6. Effect of a Spiritual Choice on the inner vibrations is more than significant.  

A Spiritual entity can dramatically upgrade its intern world by higher vibrations of Light. The amplitude of inner vibrations will dramatically increase, providing an upgrade of consciousness and following "enlightenment"—the recommended film - The Rite (2011).

A Spiritual Choice towards Darkness would bring the brutality of Darks and degradation of consciousness.

A daily choice does not affect the soul's vibrations.

7.  Once a Spiritual Choice is made, it's impossible to go back. Spiritual Choice works as a trigger for a life path, which is programmed for this choice. A nice film to check is Fearless (1993).

The number of future lifepaths is normally two-three. An average person can't see them beforehand, but some spiritually advanced people can make accurate predictions. A great film about such a person is Rasputin (1996).

A daily choice can be replaced by another one easily.

8. A Right Spiritual Choice works as a short-cut for upgrading a human consciousness, enlightenment, and liberation from the Physical Reality, i.e., Final Exit.

A daily choice doesn't make an impact on Final Exit.

9. While the number of options to choose from is limited to two-three in Spiritual Choice, the daily choice doesn't request a limitation. On the question "What shall you drink? " you can choose whether tea, coffee, hot chocolate or juice, and water.

10. A Spiritual Choice is always connected to the Highest Intangible Values. A daily choice has no attachment to the Values.

Decision making

Decision making has a higher energy potential than a daily choice but lower than a Spiritual Choice. It contains information gathering, analytical thinking, risk management, etc., and could be involved in a Spiritual Choice process.

Unlike Spiritual Choice, which is always associated with Highest Intangible Values, decision making does not have such a connection. This is a key differentiation between a Spiritual Choice and decision making. 

End of the Spiritual Choice. Part I 

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