Sunday, May 3, 2020

Fighting the Virus. Defence Perfume

Pic. 1 Ingredients for Defence Perfume

Essential oils not only rich with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties but also have a pleasant smell, help to release stress and improve human's aura or energetic field.

Pic. 2  Human's aura*

On the left side of the picture, a human has a weak aura opened to outside negativity. On the right side - a human has a healthy and protective aura.

A healthy aura is an excellent defence against any negative, including a virus.
There are several methods for improving your aura. One of those is aromatherapy

The most practical way to use aromas is everyday Perfume. In this article, you will find two recipes for Defence Perfume based on essential oils.

**Defence Perfume Recipe for Women

You will need:

**Defence Perfume Recipe for Men

You will need:

Mix well all oils and pour the finished Perfume into a glass bottle ( Pic.3). 

Pic.3 Ready Defense Perfume 

Note: Start from the smaller amount of drops ( 2-3-4 per oil), check a reaction of your skin and slowly increase a portion of the aroma oils in the Perfume.

Apply the Perfume to the following areas of your body: earlobes, wrists, between the eyebrows, the bends of the elbows, the area around the navel and the centre of the foot.

You can also create your tailor-made Perfume based on the benefits of the essential oils and your needs. For example, some oils, such as lavender, jasmine, rose, etc. can help with insomnia. You can lower blood pressure with aromas of ylang-ylang, bergamot, cedarwood, etc.

Store the Defence Perfume in a dark place or in a dark glass bottle.

And Stay Healthy!

A tip: since there are fakes, buy etheric oils only in organic stores specializing in the sale of high-grade products. The price for the high-quality tea tree oil (10 ml) starts from five euros ( 5 USD dollars).

This article is based on Jacklyn A. Lo's research, observations and thoughts and does not purport to be the absolute truth. 

*The picture of the energetic fields is found in Sanskritimagazine.

**The recipes - by Vadim Zeland, the Russian mystic and author of Reality Transurfing.

Use of the recipes is the self-responsibility of the reader.

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