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Fearless (1993). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A.Lo

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The Fearless (1993) is a high-end Spiritual movie, and the keyword is Compassion.

The main protagonist, Max, faces a Spiritual Choice.

This experience, decisive for his fate, takes place during an aeroplane crash. In this extraordinary situation during the minimal time, Max must choose his Spiritual direction

Fear would lead him to the path of Darkness, but choosing Courage - to the Light. And he goes for the second option. 

His choice works as a trigger for the program of that life path that is programmed for this choice.

Usually, an average person can't see a consequence of his spiritual choice beforehand, the same with Max.

After the strong mental statement "I am not afraid" Max moves from his seat to help a lonely boy.
As a result, changing the place prevents him from death, which his partner got.

Like a chain reaction, the highest intangible values of Lights switch on and
Max experiences Compassion inside himself, which leads him to rescue surviving people.

His soul and mind rejoice because Max not only made the Right Spiritual Choice but also survived: "That was the best what happened with me in my life".

Now Max recognises how much he was close to death.  His soul can pick up the "echo" of that life-scenario that remained unmanifest.

He captures this 
echo not with reason, but with a unique inner feeling. Max, however, is mistaken by thinking that all survived people feel the same. And when he points out that "we are already dead" to Carla, she is not able to understand him because her inner experience is not the same. 

Unconditional love is the highest 
grade of Compassion. That is a stage what, Max, experiences with Carla. She lost her child and desperate, and he is ready to sacrifice his life to awaken her from the depression.

Unfortunately, unconditional love is so rare in people's lives that even sophisticated and caring people, such as Max's wife, cannot understand this.

To make a conclusion, Compassion is one of the highest intangible values of Lights. Unfortunately, due to our low level of consciousness, most of us do not understand the meaning of it. 

As a result, there are not many films with a theme of Compassion. And, as an unfortunate "norm", Compassion does not come from a person, but from a creature not of human origin ( Kyle XY (TV Series 2006-2009),  K-PAX (2001).

Certainly, Fearless (1993) by Peter Weir is a beautiful spiritual film, and the plot could be even stronger if the awakened Max would rethink about his Faith in God.

You can find more about Spiritual Choice and the highest intangible values of Lights in the novel Redemption

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