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Where do the new souls come from?

The interesting question appears on Quora: Where do the new souls come from?

The multiplication of souls suggests a logical problem, unless time is not linear and in my next life I come back in the Dark Ages as a peasant, and in the following in the 25th century. 

If lower life forms evolve into higher life forms, where do these new “souls” come from? The bio-mass of insects and non-human life forms is greater than the number of humans which might be 100 billion since the first homo sapiens.. The population is growing exponentially. 

Where do the new souls come from? 


To answer the question "Where do souls come from?" we must examine the structure of the soul.


According to the latest esoteric knowledge, the soul consists of a matrix that works as a container for collecting various types of energies and the energies themselves.

There are two main ways to get souls' matrices.

1st way: 

Main stream - getting matrix from scratch

The matrix is ​​made by the Highest Assistants of our Spiritual Father (God).  

This process requires not only special skills and high energy potential, but also a special energy that can spiritualize these matrices. 

2nd way: 

Recycling of matrices

a. decoding of parasites

About 10% of the total number of souls do not have guts for evolution and are considered faulty. 

Most of these people are those who spend their valuable life time on fictitious pleasures. They parasitize on society and / or family, not bothering themselves with work or study. 

This does not give them the opportunity to collect energy either for their souls or for the needs of the Higher Ones.

God gives the parasite a chance to change within four human lifetimes. In the event that the soul still prefers not to work, a tough decision is made - this soul is taken for decoding

Decoding is the process of deleting all accumulated energies from the matrix and permanently removing the spiritual personality. The spiritual entity ends its existence, i.e., faces spiritual death.

The empty matrix is spiritualized and a new personality is born. This matrix is used to integrate into a new physical body.

The new spiritual entity begins to collect its own higher energies, filling the matrix with tiny particles of energies day after day for millennia until the matrix container is full.

b. decoding unreasonably cruel souls

In the same way, souls who display unjustified cruelty run the risk of facing the same fate, i.e. decoding. 

We have to admit, however, that in some exceptional cases, God gives Satan the opportunity to take this soul into His Hierarchy.

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