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I’m really scared of reincarnation. I’m worried that I will be reborn as a prey animal.

I’m worried that I will be reborn as a prey animal, farm animal, or a new human, with no memory/experiences of me. Do you fear this?

Tom T Moore excellently answered this question on Quora (see below).

"You will not reincarnate as an animal. That option only happens when your soul is ready to begin living on Earth but would like to “get the feel” of Earth. In my case, I incarnated as a panther, before my first life as a human living in a jungle. After that, it is always as a human.

It may seem like you are a “new human,” as our souls agreed to be veiled from knowing about our past lives as part of what is called the “Earth Experiment.” 

All of our souls volunteered to be veiled in all of our lives on Earth. Why? Because several million years from now, our souls will merge into a creator and take over running this universe, allowing Creator to go to a higher level. Creator will not turn over this universe to us until Creator is sure we can handle the work. But we have to learn how to make trillions of decisions a second, which is what we are collectively doing during our lives on Earth.

We are only fragments of our souls, which are having 500,000 to over 1,000,000 lives across the universe at the same time to learn about all the life forms that exist on the trillions of planets. We are having 600 to 800 lives on Earth for each fragment. 

Each fragment is given a different soul interest. As an example, my soul's interest is in religions and advising world leaders (the latter not in this life), while another soul fragment in my “cluster” of eight fragments has a soul interest in exploration and designing and laying out towns and cities..."

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From my side I'd like to add, that reincarnation is not a thing to be afraid of as it's only a way for humans to move forward on the Evolutionary path. But what you have to be aware of is the Universal Law of Karma, which says that each action has its consequences. 

In other words, if you do mostly good deeds, the collective consequence for you will be positive with a great reward, for example, a beautiful body, a prosperous life script, etc. However, if you spread bad deeds you might be punished by blindness, an ugly body, or difficult living conditions.

Also, there is no sense to worry about the old memories and experiences as you will gather new ones in your new incarnation.

And as far as I know, the incarnation of human souls into animal bodies is no longer performed.

As for Tom's theory about the fragments of our souls, the easiest way to understand it is through the telecommunications theory.

In the early days of the telephone, there was only one conversation on one pair of wires. In other words, one high-frequency signal carried only one low-frequency signal.

At present, thanks to advanced technologies, one high-frequency signal is a carrier of thousands of audio conversations.

If we apply this model to our soul, where a soul is a high-frequency carrier and our physical bodies are low-frequency signals, then we can get an idea of ​​how our soul can carry up to 600-800 lives at the same time. 

However, Tom's breathtaking concept is too high for most people, at least for the Western world, since here most people, unfortunately, do not even believe in the soul, and also in reincarnation.

Find a story of reincarnation of one soul, gathering positive karma, and an amazing consequence of it in the novel Redemption.

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