Sunday, August 9, 2020

Why Liberate? Part II



Our soul is the biggest treasure for any spiritual entity as it includes all spiritual inheritance that has been collected during an uncountable number of existences. 


However, the most significant disadvantage of living in physical reality is high-risk factors for our soul. 

What are they, these factors?

the Laws

The first factor is our ignorance of the Laws of the Universe.

We live in the complex hierarchy of our Creator, which is running under these Laws.

Unfortunately, humankind's knowledge of these Laws is close to zero. Nevertheless, our ignorance does not excuse us for responsibility for what we do, and the punishment can be severe.


The second factor is our limited knowledge of yourself and especially about our psyche.

Our subconscious is massive storage with the data collected through our embodiments.

Unfortunately, as any storage, it also contains some impurities negatively affecting our psyche.  


Our trained mind must be a warrior to recognize these impurities and eliminate them; however, methods of mind control are almost unknown in Western society.

As a result, these impurities generate mental problems such as anger, anxiousness, phobias, etc.


These problems prevent people from focusing on their primary goals and yielded their life-project in full and in time, which cause a prolongation of their reincarnation chain.

Spiritual Choice

The third factor is the Wrong Spiritual Choice.

Physical reality is a platform on which the qualities of our soul are tested continuously. 

There are every-day tests, and there is a Final Test, which we have to pass once or twice in a life. 

every-day tests

We can compare these tests with the general school - we have to learn every day as well as be ready to answer to our teacher's questions; however, one day we must pass a Final Exam.

The every-days tests keep us in a shape of thinking, evaluating and learning, providing slowly but steadily spiritual growth. 


However, in the case of the choice for pointless or parasitic lifestyle, a human loses a spin of energies and faces slow but steady degradation.

The Final Spiritual Test, however, is critical, as it's a Test for our Spiritual direction and our resistance to degradation.


For example, Spiritual choice towards Light would bring enlightenment and a shortcut to Liberation. Still, it also carries a risk of degradation if due to this choice, the person can't sustain himself.


On the other hand, Spiritual Choice towards Darkness* will bring brutalization, negative karma,  suffer and a risk to drift away from the Hierarchy of God to the Hierarchy of Satan. 

The karmic payment brings a prolongation of the chain of incarnations and in addition - the risk of the next mistake.  This choice doesn't eliminate the risk of degradation as well.

Higher Spiritual Teachers

The Spiritual Test is not possible to avoid and even the Higher Spiritual Teachers supposed to go through the Test.

For example, 

Jesus was tested by Satan in the Judean wilderness; 

The demon Mara was testing Gautama the Buddha, trying to unbalance him. 

And the Old Testament tells about the Spiritual Test of Abraham, which was done by God Himself! 

Jesus, Abraham, Gautama

Jesus, Abraham, Gautama successfully passed their tests and were granted Liberation from physical reality. 

All of them continue their self-improvement and development in Thin world, a much safer place than the Earth.

* *This pattern does not apply to Spiritual entities who have already chosen Darkness as their Spiritual Direction. Having lost the right to Free Will, they strictly obey the orders of the Prince of Darkness and, therefore, do not create any Karma.

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